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The Coolest Ear Piercing Cominations To Try In 2022

It's time to tick this one off your bucket list!
Ear Piercing Combinations 2022
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/veronikamrl, Instagram/bpyesworld

2022 is just around the corner, and what better way to usher in the New Year by getting your ears pierced! If getting your ~curated~ ears has been one of your long-time entries on your bucket list, we think this is the perfect time to do it. 

Don't know where to start? We listed 10 of the coolest ear piercing combinations we spotted on Instagram that will make anyone do a double-take! Check them out below:

Ear Piercing Combinations to Try in 2022

1. Helix + conch piercing + tragus + triple lobe

This combination doesn't look cluttered, thanks to the evenly spaced-out piercings. The helix and tragus piercing balance everything out!

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2. Flat + rook + conch + lobe

We love the zigzag design of this curated ear.

3. Flat + auricle + triple lobe

This curated ear has all the piercings situated on the outer part of the ear.

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4. Double forward helix + tragus + conch + double lobe

Give your curated ear extra oomph by using jewelry that connects two piercings together!

5. Flat + rook + double lobe

Using tiny jewelry will make your piercings look more ~minimalist~.

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6. Flat + auricle + conch + quadruple lobe

Keep things classy by choosing gold jewelry and diamonds.

7. Triple helix + quadruple lobe

We love how all the piercings are placed on the outer part of the ear—this particular combination looks very clean.

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8. Conch + double flat + double lobe

The diagonal placement of the upper piercings is very unique. 

9. Helix + flat + double lobe

Keep things balanced by getting the same amount of piercings on the upper and lower part of your ear.

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10. Quintuple lobe

A curated ear doesn't always mean you need to have piercings all over your ear—getting your lobes pierced is enough. We love how the girl below used cool jewelry to let her piercings stand out!