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25 Beauty Things Every Woman Must Do Before She Dies

Which of these have you done?

It's easy to put things off and say, "Someday I'll treat myself to a facial," but life tends to get the best of you and "someday" could easily turn into "never." What are you waiting for? You should do things foryou every now and then, like buying a beauty product you have to save up for, because girl, you work hard and you deserve it!

1. Find your signature scent. Just because everyone else is obsessed with a certain fragrance doesn't mean you need to be too. Find one that matches your specific lifestyle, personality, and taste so that when people smell it, they instantly think of you.

2. Nail your winged eyeliner. Getting your cat-eye perfect takes T I M E. But once you figure out which eyeliner hack works best for you, you'll never have to be late to dinner with your friends again.

3. Get your makeup professionally done. A pro makeup artist—even if you go to the MAC makeup counter at the mall—can show you the most flattering ways to apply makeup based on your personal features that you might not be able to figure out on your own. To make sure you have the best experience, you'll want to talk to the makeup artist about how much makeup you typically wear and what kind of look you're going for.

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4. See a brow expert to help you find your perfect shape. Eyebrows are one of the most important yet underrated facial features. It's amazing what a difference perfectly shaped brows can make to your overall look. It's like to swiping on a red lipstick: If you take the time to fill in your brows, you won't have to wear any other makeup!

5. Master highlighting and contouring. With the right shades, placement, and seamless blending, you can instantly look like a more defined version of yourself.

6. Splurge on professional nail art. Sure, DIY nail art is fun to do, but if you want the look without all the work, make an appointment with a nail artist you love for a custom mani masterpiece.

7. Try eyelash extensions. Pinterest is full of tips for making your eyelashes stand out, but sometimes you want to wake up flawless and ready to go. Lash extensions can give you that doe-eyed look 24/7 without the use of an eyelash curler, mascara, or the fuss of having to put on falsies yourself. Make sure you find a reputable salon to do it. You can't cheap out on eyelash extensions, but it's definitely worth the money.

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8. Get a massage. Massages help reduce stress, improve your mood, fend off headaches...the list goes on.

9. Get a wax. Beauty is pain. But you know what else is a pain? Having to shave all the time.

10. Shave your faceDon't be scared off by the thought of this; it's more for the proper exfoliation of your face rather than getting rid of your facial hair—and no, it won't make you grow a beard. If timeless beauties Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor did it, maybe you should try it too. Just sayin'.

11. Get a facial from an experienced aesthetician. You'll leave with completely refreshed skin that resembles a baby's. Let's all sign up for that right now.

12. Get a full skin consultation with a dermatologist. Whether it's to check your moles to make sure they're not cancerous or deal with stubborn acne problems you've had for years, a trip to the dermatologist can literally change your life.

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13. Treat yourself to a blowout. Giving yourself a blowout is a pain in the ass. Have someone else do it for least once.

14. Get bangsIt's the simplest way to completely switch up your look without losing the rest of your hair's length.

15. Get a pixie cutCutting off your hair can be liberating, and if you don't like it, the hair will grow back.

16. Dye your hair a crazy color. Live life on the edge! Again, you can always dye it back to your original shade.

17. Embrace your natural hair texture. If you've tried every treatment, product, and technique in the book to make your curly hair straight or straight hair curly, it's time to let go and allow your hair to do what it wants. Switching your look up is harmless, but it's good for your soul to accept your body and your features the way they are instead of always trying to change them.

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18. Learn how to braid. Once you know how to braid (French braid, rope braid, fishtail braid) your hair, the styling possibilities are endless.

19. Wear hair extensions (whether they're temporary or permanent). Ever wonder how celebrities have such long, thick, luscious hair? Answer: extensions. So go on, channel your inner Blake Lively and give them a try.

20. Do one big beauty haul. Admit it. Every time you visit Beauty Bar, you find at least five things you want to buy but don't because you decide you shouldn't spend the money. But at least once in your life, head into that store and buy everything you want. You deserve it!

21. Splurge on a product you've been dying to try. This isn't an everyday thing, obviously, but you don't need to always buy the cheaper version of a product that doesn't work as well. Buy the expensive product you've been reading about—it's most likely going to work better and make you feel really nice.

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22. Try all your favorite beauty looks on your Pinterest beauty board. Pinterest shouldn't be the place where things you love go to die. So actually try that date-night makeup tutorial. Who knows, it might just completely change the way you do your makeup.

23. Create a YouTube beauty tutorialHey, you might even be able to make a career out of it.

24. Make your own skin/hair mask at home. Chances are there's some avocado/apple cider vinegar/egg treatment you've been wanting to whip up for your skin or hair, but have just never gotten around to doing. Give yourself a night in and cross this off the bucket list already.

25. Discover and own your signature look. Taylor Swift has her red lipstick. Ariana Grande has her half ponytail. Find something that works for you, and make it your thing.


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