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3 Ways To Prevent Annoying Breakouts

Do NOT wear makeup to the gym!

Breakouts don’t just happen. There are always factors—even those you’re not aware of—that trigger them to pop up. Here, three ways on how you can prevent zits from ever happening again.

1. Check your products. Heavy, oil-based makeup—especially bases like foundation, primer, and concealer—can clog and enlarge your pores, particularly if you wear them daily. Be smarter when it comes to picking your cosmetics, and go for makeup and skincare that are oil-free and water-based. They can offer the same coverage that you need, but won’t wreak havoc on your precious skin.


Try: MAC Waterweight Foundation, P2,200,  SM Aura

2. Never wear makeup to gym. Sweat-induced breakouts are an actual thing! When you wear makeup while working out, the sweat will mix with your makeup and will lead to enlarged and clogged pores. Gurrrrl, it is not worth it to wear foundation to gym, swear! Before you join that Body Jam class, make sure to take every trace of makeup off. After working out, get rid of excess oil and gunk by using a gentle facial wash, too.

Try: Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel 155.00/100g, available at grocery stores

3. Stop. Touching. Your. Face. Self-control is probably one of the best qualities people with amazing skin have, which includes never touching their face. While hormones are usually the causes of breakouts, you can’t overlook external factors like your bacteria-infested digits. Think of all the things you touch throughout the day! Imagine the amount of germs on that doorknob in the mall’s bathroom! Do you really want to transfer those onto your face? NO THANK YOU. Another tip is to regularly—like every day—disinfect your gadgets. Use anti-bacterial wipes to remove dirt from your phone screen!

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