4 Kilikili Mistakes You're Probably Making

Time to quit these bad habits!
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We all wish for picture-perfect underarms, which is why we tend to self-educate when it comes to kilikili care. But after doing all the possible solutions to our biggest kilikili concerns, why do they still look and feel far from what we expect?

The first step to solving your most pressing underarm problems is to figure out what you’re doing wrong. Here are some of the bad beauty habits standing in the way of your dream armpits:

1. Shaving or waxing without prior preparation
It’s easy to forget that your skin needs some conditioning before undergoing a shave or wax. If you want to keep it smooth and fair, make it a point to exfoliate and cleanse with warm water (to open up your pores) before shaving or waxing.

2. Using calamansi to whiten your underarms
A common DIY remedy for whitening dark underarms is calamansi or lemon extract. While this might work for some people, its high acidity levels may do more harm than good for others, possibly resulting in burning, irritated skin.

3. Consistent plucking
Constant tweezing can cause ingrown hair, especially when you pluck the strands way too soon. Experts say that armpit hair should be at least a quarter of an inch long before plucking to prevent damage to the follicles. This should be done every four weeks.

4. Using one razor for all of your shaving needs
Cleaning your razor after every use can prevent your underarms from darkening or being irritated. However, when you’re using just one razor for all of your shaving needs, no amount of cleaning can help out your kilikili. Our hair removal needs vary from one body part to another, so if you’re using the same razor for your underarms and your bikini area, then you’re in for a big problem.

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