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4 Pinays On Why They Love Their Underarms

Confidence pegs!
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A lot of women see their underarms as problem areas, thus, refusing to wear sleeveless tops or even raising their arms. But we found four women who aren’t afraid to flaunt what they’ve got. These ladies carry themselves with so much confidence, it’s so hard not to be inspired.

1. If you're not born with it, work for it. 

"I don’t have the nicest underarms, especially if you compare them from those we see in TV commercials and magazine spreads. I remember getting super envious of girls with whiter, smoother skin there but then I realized that I can do something about it too. You don't really have to be born with it—there are ways to improve your pits." - Maria, 24                   

2. Emotional support goes a long way. 

"When I first went out with my boyfriend, I refused to wear sleeveless shirts because I felt that he’d hate my underarms. When he finally saw them though, he said that they were normal! That's when I realized that I was just worrying for nothing! I started using products like Dove Ultimate White Deodorant, but now I'm doing it for myself and not anyone else!" - Katie, 22

3. Give them some TLC.

"Ayoko talaga ng underarms ko noon. It didn't help that I would hear nasty comments from people about this part of a woman's body so I would just hide them. I love clothes and I realized I was missing out on a lot of trends because I can't wear whatever I want. That's when I started putting more attention—and TLC—to my underarms." - Camille, 27

4. Beauty choices matter. 

"I'm the 'grab-what's-available' type of girl when it comes to picking personal hygiene products. Then one day, I had to wear a sleeveless dress for my friend's wedding and it struck me how insecure I was about my underarms. I thought it was hopeless, but I started caring more for that part of my body by using the right products. It feels nice not to be restricted by body issues now." - Mei, 21

To help you become just as confident as these women, you need to take good care of your underarms. Dove Ultimate White Deodorant is made with ¼ moisturizing cream and face serum ingredients that fight stubborn dark underarm spots to give you whiter, more beautiful underarms. Now you, too, can be confident like these women!

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