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4 Reasons Why You Should See Your Derma. Like, Today

How long has that pimple been there?

You have skin pigmentation.
Dark scars, sun spots, and moles changing in size need M.D. attention, stat. Dark scars and sun spots can fade with the help of peels and lasers, while moles that increase in size may be cancerous. If you have them checked early for skin cancer, they can be treated.

Your pimple still won’t heal.

It’s been weeks, and your zit has been occupying the same spot. You’ve tried all the zit-zapping remedies, but it still won’t budge. Dermatologists can pinpoint the real problem that lies beneath. 

You see a rash after taking medication.

Allergic reactions do happen when you’re taking in a new medication or product. Do not shrug off a rash that has been on your skin for at least three days. Rush to your derma or head to the emergency room.

You spot milia.

If you see tiny, white bumps on your skin that are quite bigger than whiteheads, then you’ve got milia. These dome-shaped skin tags are entrapped keratin. Do not attempt to remove them by yourself! A dermatologist is the only person you can trust to extract them.

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