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5 Reasons Why ~*Green Caviar*~ Is the Next Trendy Skincare Ingredient.

Plus, it’s Song Kang-approved! OMO!

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There's a new skincare ingredient making waves in the beauty scene. ASMR enthusiasts love it for the mesmerizing popping sound it makes when eaten, but experts think it's the next big thing in skincare.

Meet green caviar, commonly known as sea grapes. Its fish roe-like appearance is where it gets its name.

This seaweed is indigenous to Okinawa, Japan, and it's packed with nourishing ingredients that can help you achieve that coveted *yeppeo* glow.

Here are some of the reasons why green caviar is the next big thing in skincare:

1. It helps boost collagen production

Green caviar contains vitamins A and C, which boost the body's collagen production. Skincare products rich in these ingredients can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

2. It has anti-inflammatory properties

Skincare ingredients with fatty acids can help with skin dryness and irritation, so you can achieve well-balanced glowing skin. Green caviar is rich in amino acids and omega-3, and, with regular use, it can also help improve barrier function, promote skin healing, and prevent inflammation.

3. It helps skin retain moisture

Green caviar is also rich in minerals that can help your skin lock in moisture, so your face stays supple and moisture-balanced. This also helps to prevent acne breakouts.4. It helps improve skin elasticity

Green caviar is also a great source of antioxidants—and if you know your skincare ingredients well, you'll know that antioxidants help brighten your skin and increase skin elasticity.

5. It helps even out skin tone

The omega-3 and antioxidants in green caviar don't only help boost collagen repair and prevent inflammation, but they can also help even out your skin tone. These ingredients aid in lightening uneven pigmentation and are great tools for fighting acne, age spots, and wrinkles.

You can get your hands on green caviar through Deoproce's Green Caviar skincare line. It features six products to help you deal with common skin concerns. South Korean heartthrob Song Kang even gave it his thumbs up. *gasp*

Start your Green Caviar skincare routine by removing dirt and makeup using the Green Caviar Cleansing Water (P690). 

Then you can proceed to wash your face with the Green Caviar Facial Cleanser (P590). It has super fine microbeads for gentle exfoliation that can help remove any leftover dirt and excess oils.

Hydrate and prepare your skin for the serum and moisturizer by applying the Green Caviar Toner (P790). Follow it up with the Green Caviar Vitamin C Ampoule (P1,490) which can help brighten your skin for that healthy glow. Then you can go ahead and apply the Green Caviar Cream Moisturizer (P1,490) to help keep your skin healthy and hydrated. 

If you're just about to start your day, you can proceed to apply the Green Caviar Skin Perfecting Tint (P790). This product helps even out your complexion and protects you against the sun's harmful rays. Beauty buffs even use this product as the base for their makeup routine. Finally, seal it all in with Green Caviar Sheet Mask (P120/one sheet, P550/five sheets).

Ready to go all the way with green caviar? They also come in sets! You can choose between the Green Caviar Basic Set (P2,490), Green Caviar Advanced Kit (P2,790), and Green Caviar Yeppeo Glow Starter Kit (P1,890).

Shop for Deoproce's Green Caviar skincare line in Watsons and SM Department stores. This Philippine-exclusive skincare line is also available in online stores like Amorfia, Shopee, and Lazada.

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