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6 Surprising Makeup Tips From YouTube Beauty Stars

You'll look your most gorgeous self.

For most girls these days, there's no better source than the Internet when it comes to getting an answer to any question—especially if it's a beauty question. Need to know how to do a winged liner or smoky eye? Ask the Internet, and ye shall find dozens of ways to get the exact look you want.

1. Plump up your lips by applying a lighter shade of lipstick to the center of your lips. After blending two shades of pink together to make her base lipstick shade, Elsa Rhae (in an Elsa from Frozen tutorial) applies a lighter shade just in the center of her lips to make them look "a little bit more plump."

2. Put extra lash glue on the ends of your false eyelashes. Like anyone who's worn falsies before, FreshBlush knows all about the flapping eyelash problem, and she has a fix. In her Taurus zodiac-inspired makeup tutorial, she suggests applying extra eyelash glue to the edges, because "that's where it tends to start peeling up, on the inner or outer edge."

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Another pro-tip: Squeeze some glue on your hand first before applying it to the eyelash to avoid the "gush" of the glue getting on your false eyelashes and ruining them.

3. To free-hand a winged eye, use short strokes for the tail, and drag your angled brush over your lid. After getting tons of requests for a winged eyeliner tutorial, Glam & Gore gave her audience what it wanted—but not without adding her own special dose of sarcasm.

About four and a half minutes into the tutorial, she gets real and explains how she really does a winged eye.

She uses a small angled brush and gel liner and creates the look in two different sections. "I do small, short strokes for the first line," or the bottom portion of the tail. "For the top line, what I find helps the most is to let the brush do the work," she says. "Really let it drag onto the eyelid and it'll end up straight and smooth."

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4. Pick the right foundation shade for your skin by testing the makeup on your jawline.

Why do some people end up wearing foundations that's a few shades lighter than their natural skin tone (and looking a little ghostly in the process)? It's because they're testing the foundation on the wrong part of their body, says Rosy McMichael. The key is to test the foundation on your jawline, she explains in her video of common makeup mistakes (in Spanish). If the foundation seems to disappear into your skin, you've found the right match. In the picture on the bottom, she's divided her face into two sections: On the left, you'll see the shade that best matches her natural skin tone, and on the right, you'll see the shade that's too light.

5. Press down an eye shading brush to create a flat edge.

You don't need multiple brushes to create a gorgeous smoky eye. In this tutorial, LoLo Love uses one small, round eye shading brush to apply multiple shadows over her eyelid. She then presses down on the brush with her finger to create a flat edge. That edge can easily apply shadow on her lower lash line. One brush, full effect, neat trick.

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6. To make a wide face appear more narrow, concentrate the highlights in the center of the face. 

One of the reasons Patrick Starrr loves contouring and highlighting is that all that added dimension gives the impression of weight loss. "A lot of my friends that I haven't seen in a while, when I wear a full face, they'll be like, 'Oh my god, we see your weight loss! We see it in your face!'"

Patrick keeps the concealer and highlighting portions focused on the center of the face, and contours along the temples. "I don't like to take my concealer out too far because I want my face to look more oval...If I were to bring it all the way out to my ear like some girls do, it would actually widen my face."

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