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This Cleansing Method Will Change The Way You Wash Your Face

PHOTO: Instagram/gabsgibbs

Cleansing is important, that we already know. But did you also know that washing your face for 15 to 30 seconds each time may not be enough? At least according to LA-based aesthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith. Nayamka, or Nai she's called on social media, popularized the now-viral cleansing trick called the 60-second rule, and it could very well change your skincare routine forever.

Basically, this "rule" dictates that you need to massage your cleanser on your face not for a few seconds but for a full minute. It sounds a little obvious, sure, but the aesthetician explains that doing this gives the ingredients of your face wash a chance to actually penetrate your skin, compared to when you leave it on for only a few seconds before rinsing it off. It achieves a much deeper cleanse, since you have ample time to work your face wash into your pores to lift more impurities. Nai notes that this works for all skin types, provided that you're using the right kind for your needs. However, she recommends massaging the face wash with fingers—no cleansing brushes or sponges required.

The 60-second rule has since received tons of rave reviews online (check her IG highlights!)—you simply can't go wrong with doing a deep cleanse! Watch Nai's full guide to the 60-second rule below:

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