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7 Airplane Beauty Habits Every Cosmo Girl Should Know

Make your next flight more bearable with these skin care tips.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in first class or the plane’s economy section. You are all breathing the same recycled air—bacteria and other airplane hazards included—throughout the entire flight. Ever noticed how your skin is dryer, your lips are chapped, and your respiratory system is a little bit more sensitive while on the plane? Make your next flight more bearable with these skincare tips.

1. Don’t wear too much makeup. Even if you’re the type to take a hundred selfies before landing on your destination, keep your face au naturel. The only important things you need to slather on are moisturizer and SPF. The skin gets dryer on high altitudes and you know that it's bad to sleep with makeup on, so don't try to layer on makeup.

2. Pack wipes. If you really must wear makeup, take it off right before you snooze on the flight. Use facial wipes to remove face gunk and then apply moisturizer after. While you’re at it, give yourself a little sponge bath (use wipes on your arms and neck) and sanitize your personal space on the plane—seat handles, tray tables, seat pocket, and the entertainment system. According to Drexel Medicine, those places are infested with germs. The bacteria left behind by the passengers before you (ex. from a dirty nappy or used tissue stashed inside the seat pocket) can linger for up to a week, so don’t hesitate to wipe away.

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3. Pack like a beauty blogger. There’s no need to go down the Gwyneth Paltrow route and buy a P2,100 bottle of air purifying spray for your next flight, but learn from your favorite beauty bloggers who travel. Pack travel-sized skin care necessities such as facial moisturizer, eye cream, lotion, lip balm, dental kit, facial mist, emergency meds, and other grooming necessities. Learn to maximize your small toiletry bag by packing sachets and travel-friendly containers of your favorite products.

4. Slather on SPF. Especially if you’re at the window seat. Higher altitudes mean you’re closer to the sun’s harmful rays.

5. Hydrate both your skin and your internal system. There’s less moisture on the plane when it’s up in the air, so your skin tends to be drier, and the breathing air, less moist. Apply moisturizer when your face is feeling taut, and use lip balm to avoid chapped lips. Don’t hesitate to ask the flight attendant for water refills even after the meal service is over.

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6. Condition your hair pre-flight. Hair tends to frizz and dry up in the cabin, so give your hair a deep conditioning treatment before the flight. Apply a dollop of leave-in conditioner in the middle of your flight if you feel your hair is getting dry.

7. Sanitize frequently. Wash your hands whenever you can. Use a paper towel to handle the germ-infested lavatory door latch. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag for those times you don’t have access to soap and water.

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