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7 Ways To Look Fresh And YOUNGER

Feel like the current trends are passing you by? Follow our tips on keeping up with youthful fads without losing your classic style.

All we wanted to do when we were young was look older, but now, looking older is something we no longer wish for. We instead seek the best butt-lifting, face-firming, and ego-boosting products to keep us looking young and fresh through the years.

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Rather than spend your hard-earned cash on yet another so-called beauty or wardrobe solution that may or may not give desired results, keep these tricks in mind on your next shopping trip:

1. Go Nude

Glowing skin with minimal or no makeup exudes youthfulness! Heavy makeup adds years to your face no matter how pinkish your blush may be. Just have some lip balm and cream blush handy and you're good to go!

2. Go Feminine And Frilly

Structured clothing like blazers, pencil skirts, crisp collars, and linen cuffed pants exude sophistication and maturity. Darker colors also fall in that category. Unless that's the look you're going for, opt for soft, flowy fabrics instead. Invest in chiffon and silk pieces in light, pastel, or muted colors. With some feminine details like light ruffles or pretty floral prints, you can soften your look without looking childish.

3. Go Tees!

Something as simple as a basic tee in a variety of colors and prints can tone down your appearance and take off so many years! A laidback look never screams old age. Just make sure to wear one that still flatters your shape even if it's an understated style.

4. Go Denim

Denims always dress down any look, so switch from your usual pants to a pair of well-fitting jeans. Opt for dark denim for a classier finish, or try a distressed pair with a dressier top for a balanced, chic, yet still youthful ensemble!

5. Go Flat

Look fresh, hip, and utterly comfortable in chic flats! Heels may add height but they also add years to your overall look. Try sporting colored nail polish on your toes then wear open sandals for a fun twist, or go for statement flats in a bold color, print, or design!

6. Go Messy

Just like Serena Van Der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively in Gossip Girl) who sports messy hair so effortlessly and fashionably, you too can rock the bed-head look! A messy bun (or similar unkempt hairstyle, like a fishtail braid) is a surefire way to depict a youthful vibe, even if you're wearing something more formal. Stiff and well-coiffed hairdos only channel grandma vibes!

7. Go Current

You're always told to stick to classics, as these will take your style through the years. Though this is certainly true, don't be afraid to play up your wardrobe by sporting a trendier look every now and then. Classic, sophisticated styles give off a more mature aura, while trendier fashion evokes playfulness and the joy of youth!

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