7 Ways To Wake Up With Perfect Skin

Good morning, beautiful!

Big day tomorrow? Here are seven proven ways on how you can wake up with gorgeous and glowing skin:

1. Cleanse properly. Before you hit the sack, be sure to remove every trace of makeup from your face. We recommend doing the double cleansing method, because this ensures that your skin is left clear of even the toughest and most long-wearing products that you’ve applied.

2. Exfoliate. There is an age-old debate of when the best time to exfoliate is. Some experts claim that it’s best done in the morning, while some argue that it’s best at night. You can try to exfoliate at night, as the extra scrubbing on your face will also help in removing all the dirt and grime your skin accumulated throughout the day. Use a gentle facial scrub to slough away dead skin to brighten your complexion.

3. Try doing a face mask. So you have a quiet night all to yourself at home? Put on face mask to #TreatYoSelf. We suggest you skip the basic face mask sheets and opt for multimasking instead to give your skin some extra love.

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4. Add a facial oil to your P.M. skincare routine. After you exfoliate, continue with your regular P.M. skincare routine—serum, eye cream, and moisturizer—to restore your skin’s lost moisture. To lock in more hydration however, consider patting on a facial oil to give your skin an extra boost.

5. Spot treat. If you have any problem areas on your face, say for example, a pimple, spot treat that sucker before you sleep to let the products seep into your skin to fix the area. Remember, spot treatments go on last!

6. Be masipag. We’ve told you before that there are no shortcuts when it comes to scoring better skin. Be consistent with your morning and night routines, and results will show.

7. Actually get sleep. Your long nights of partying—or binge-watching your favorite show, no judging—will really take its toll on your skin. Clock in as much sleep as possible to give your skin time to repair itself.

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