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8 Products You Can Totally Steal From Your Boyfriend's Bathroom

Quick! Steal his razor!

His (brand new) razor. The next time you’re at your man’s place, steal his unopened razor. Use it for your legs and get the closest shave of your life. Bonus: they cost a LOT cheaper than the razors for women.

Shaving cream. Borrow his can of shaving cream—it doesn’t have that nauseating smell of flowers and fruits—for your use. It's also thicker than women’s shaving creams, so you’ll only need a small dollop to get smooth, hair-free legs.

Aftershave lotion. Aftershave will do wonders for your skin! It will protect you from razor burn, tighten your pores, and will leave you feeling instantly refreshed. It also prevents you from developing annoying ingrown hairs.  

Facial wash. Men naturally produce more oil, so their cleansers are more potent and abrasive than women’s. Once a week, steal your BF's facial wash and treat yourself to some deep-cleaning goodness.

Hair pomade. Run a bit of his hair pomade through your locks to get sexy tousled waves. You can also use it to smooth out frizz and create sleek up-dos. Just don't use too much; pomade is really thick.

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Hair wax. Use his hair wax to keep your brows in place. Run a bit of the product through your arches and brush it with your spoolie brush. 

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Eye drops. Woke up with a disturbingly huge and red pimple? Dab a bit of eye drop using a Q-tip on the problem area to dry it out faster. 

Cologne. Men’s scents are usually musky and well, sexy! Dab a bit of his cologne on your pulse points to smell ~*amazing*~ all day.

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