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8 Signs It's Time To Change Your Beauty Routine

Your skin isn't glowing anymore.

Breakups don’t just happen in relationships—they also happen in beauty. Here, 8 signs it’s time to reevaluate and change up your beauty routine.

1. Your skin suddenly starts reacting to your skincare or makeup products. Even if you’ve sworn by the same moisturizer since high school, if it suddenly causes your skin to get upset, it’s time to throw it out and test another product. Of course, you have to make sure that it is in fact that one product that’s making your skin break out. If it gets really bad, set an appointment with your dermatologist.

2. You don’t remember when you bought your lipstick. Be careful of liquid and cream cosmetics—they’re especially prone to bacteria buildup. If you’ve literally been using the same tube of lipstick since college, it’s time to throw it out and get yourself a new one.

3. Your skin isn’t glowing anymore. The magical part of finding a skincare routine that really works for you is seeing your skin gradually improve. If, one day, you notice that it doesn’t happen anymore, then your skin might be telling you that it’s time to change up your routine. As we age, our skin develops different needs that can only be answered by different products. We hate to break it to you, but it might be time for more potent anti-aging skincare routine.

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4. You still don’t use eye cream. It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin, honestly. By the time you hit your 20s, start using lightweight eye creams that can compensate for your long nights and early mornings. Select one that will answer your skin’s needs, be it dark circles, puffiness, or dryness.

5. You know a product is expired, but you still keep using it. Because it’s expensive. We get it, we’ve all been there. But know that the consequences of using expired cosmetics will cost you much more than that face mask you love so dearly.

6. The seasons have changed. We may not exactly have the four seasons, but our climate does change. In the summer, you might want to switch to a lighter moisturizer and then back to a thicker one during the rainy season. Apply the same rule for your makeup, especially since you tend to get tanner during the summer, meaning you have to replace your regular foundation with one that is a shade or two darker.

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7. You literally wear the same makeup look every single day. We’re all for mastering a makeup look that will always work for you, but once in a while, shake things up by trying new colors and styles. For example, add a touch of playfulness to your look by using a deep purple eyeliner instead of a boring black one. The purple will not only make your look more casual, but it will also bring out your brown eyes more.

8. Your products smell funny. Or you notice that the oils of your product have separated. That usually means that the product is expired, and you know better than to put that back on your face, right? Do it for yourself!

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