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A Skincare *Miracle*? POND’S New Serums Are Your New Skincare Holy Grails

NIASORCINOL™ and HEXYL-RETINOL™ are new skincare ingredients to watch out for!

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A brand new year is a reminder that you can always have a *fresh start*. Maybe part of your New Year’s resolution is to take better care of your skin, especially if you’ve been neglecting it last year. You’ve set your intention, now, where do you begin?

Ask yourself, have I been consistent with my skincare routine? If you have but haven’t been getting results, step two is to try revamping your routine. If you’re looking to treat skin dullness, dark spots, or signs of aging, consider checking out NIASORCINOL™ and HEXYL-RETINOL™, AKA the latest ~breakthrough ingredients~ in skin-brightening and anti-aging. Even dermatologists are raving about them! (Watch the vids below!).

Want to try them out? Get yourself a bottle of the POND’S Bright Ultimate Clarity Serum and the POND'S Age Miracle Ultimate Youth Serum.

How to get a *lit-from-within* glow with the POND’S Bright Ultimate Clarity Serum

1. Brighten dull skin.

NIASORCINOL™, a powerful blend of Niacinamide and E-Resorcinol, takes center stage in this serum. Together, they tag-team to inhibit melanin production, ideal for those basking in the sun but longing for radiant, even-toned skin. It's even said to be more potent than just Niacinamide!

2. Fade stubborn dark spots and acne marks.

Persistent dark spots and acne marks meet their match with E-Resorcinol. This superhero ingredient breaks down rough, damaged skin, unveiling a smooth, light-reflecting complexion with consistent use.

3. Use skincare that’s clinically tested.

In an eight-week clinical test, 92% of participants reported that their skin looked brighter after two weeks of regular use. Here's an illustration of how this new serum works wonders for the skin:

4. Easily add it to your current routine.

After cleansing and toning, apply two to three drops and spread evenly across your cleansed face and neck in the morning and evening.

How to unlock *youthful-looking skin* with the POND'S Age Miracle Ultimate Youth Serum

1. Treat age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.

HEXYL-RETINOL™ a potent blend of Hexylresorcinol, Niacinamide, and Retinol-C, takes center stage. Hexylresorcinol targets age spots, Niacinamide brightens dull skin, and Retinol-C works its magic on renewing and plumping, resulting in a flawless complexion.

2. Treat sagging skin.

You want to boost your collagen production and elasticity to combat sagging skin—two things Hexylresorcinol, Niacinamide, and Retinol-C are good at. So, imagine combining all three! Hello, firm, bouncy skin!

3. Use skincare that’s clinically tested.

In another eight-week clinical test, all users shared experiencing firm, bouncy skin after four weeks of regular use.

4. Easily add it to your current routine.

Apply it just like the POND’S Bright Ultimate Clarity Serum. Easy peasy!

Hear from the experts

Glass-skin goals? The experts recommend NIASORCINOL™, saying the new combo of Niacinamide and E-Resorcinol helps penetrate ten layers of skin and target five melanin inhibition pathways at once.

As for HEXYL-RETINOL™? They agree that this new anti-aging ingredient can help boost collagen synthesis, plump the skin, and reduce hyperpigmentation. In short, you get youthful-looking skin!

@vanikaviardo #Hexylretinol is the newest #antiaging ? original sound - Dr. Vanika Viardo

It’s a new year! Claim that ~glow up~ and have a *fresh start*. One way is to revamp your old skincare routine using the newest ingredients in skincare technology. Just grab a bottle of POND'S Age Miracle Ultimate Youth Serum and POND’S Bright Ultimate Clarity Serum and you’re good to go! Unlike other brightening and anti-aging ingredients, the stellar benefits of NIASORCINOL™ and HEXYL-RETINOL™ are packed with up to 50x! So, you're sure to achieve that dreamy, glowing skin.

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