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All The *Must-Try* Products From Cetaphil For Girls With Sensitive Skin

Plus, what we learned from the recently concluded Skin Summit.

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Girls, we know you're always working hard to achieve your skin goals—from investing in skincare products to watching your diet to making sure you have enough sleep and exercise. While doing all of that is definitely good practice, it's important to remember that to achieve healthy skin, you must use skincare products that are tailored to your needs. So if you have sensitive skin, it’s best to use gentle formulations that won’t irritate your skin, just like Cetaphil. This skincare brand is popular for its uber gentle formulations that are suitable for any skin type. And with its dermatologist seal of approval, you know that they’re reliable.

Cetaphil has got a wide range of gentle skincare products, so in case you wanted to add a few products to your skincare routine but don't know where to start looking, we round up some must-try products that you won't regret trying.

Check it out:

Suited for All Skin Types especially for Dry, Sensitive Skin

Gentle Skin Cleanser

You know you have a skin-loving facial wash when it’s fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic. This all-skin-type-friendly wash also nourishes your skin with vitamin b3, vitamin b5, and glycerin.

Moisturizing Lotion

Despite our tropical weather, this lotion doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on the skin. It's a nice and lightweight blend of avocado oil, vitamin E and B3, and pro-vitamin B5 that your skin will love.

Sun SPF 50

You win half the battle when you use your sunblock! This lightweight lotion can help protect your skin from premature skin aging and pigmentation caused by sun exposure.

For dark spots and uneven skin tone

Brightness Refresh Toner

Toning helps remove oil and makeup residue after you wash your face. And if it can help brighten skin too, then we’re not one to complain!

Brightening Night Comfort Cream

If you want to wake up to visibly radiant skin, then you need to try this night cream, stat!

Brightening Day Protection Cream SPF 15

Start your day off by treating your skin with this day cream that helps nourish and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays which cause dark spots. This day cream can help you achieve bright and radiant skin in just four weeks with regular use.

Brightness Reveal Bar

Don’t forget about the rest of your body! You’ll also enjoy its mild and refreshing scent as it removes dirt and impurities to reveal the skin’s luminosity.

Brightness Reveal Body Wash

If you prefer a body wash over a bar, then this soothing body wash is for you. Its mild floral scent will leave you feeling relaxed, too!

Brightening Lotion

Always slather on some lotion after you shower to keep your skin moisturized. This lightweight and brightening formula is excellent for evening out your skin tone.

Cetaphil has always been vocal about sensitive skin health. This May, Cetaphil even launched Skin Awareness Month to help bring sensitive skin health to the forefront. To get the conversation going, they held the Skin Summit, a free three-day online event where dermatologists and skinthusiasts shared with viewers their expertise on sensitive skin health.

The event was kicked off last May 25 with the theme “Owning Your Sensitive Skin,” where the guests all talked about their skin stories and we learned how different skin can be depending on the person. Best advice? Just do the skincare you can do and do it simply and religiously. By sticking to a routine that's simple, it's easier to stay consistent which is important when you want to achieve healthy skin. Skincare doesn't have to be a chore—it can be something you look forward to every day!

May 26 was all about “How to Have That Healthy Brightness for All Types of Skinthusiasts,” where they debunked the idea that to achieve radiant skin, you must use harsh products.

To cap off the Skin Summit on May 27, they talked about “Laying the Right Foundation For Your Baby's Skin Health.” Here, they discussed how eating the right food, getting enough sleep, and having healthy playtime show in your baby’s skin and how this is an indicator of your baby’s overall health.

To shop Cetaphil products, head over to Lazada and Shopee. You can also follow Cetaphil on Facebook for more information.

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