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We're Obsessed With Andrea Brillantes' ~*Minimalist*~ Ear Piercings

Saving her pics as inspo!
Andrea Brillantes' Minimalist Ear Piercings
PHOTO: Instagram/blythe

Aside from her minimalist tattoos, Andrea Brillantes is also a big fan of ~subtle~ ear piercings! Just recently, she got her ears pierced by Rachel Ravana—the piercer responsible for the curated ears of Mika Dela CruzRei Germar, and more. We first saw a sneak peek of it a few weeks ago when she first got them done. Check out how gorgeous she looked:

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Just recently, her go-to piercer posted *clearer* pictures of Andrea's curated ear! We spot a helix, daith, auricle, and double lobe piercings. Her pierced tragus is also visible in the photos, though it didn't have any jewelry in it.

In case you're interested in getting multiple ear piercings as Andrea did, we highly recommend doing research online and asking your piercer which ones would look best for your ear shape.

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Need some inspo? Check out these cool ~*curated*~ ears we spotted on Instagram.

1. Helix + flat + multiple lobe piercings

2. Forward helix + tragus + conch + double lobe piercings

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3. Rook + tragus + triple lobe piercing

4. Helix + rook + conch + tragus + single lobe piercing

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5. Double helix + auricle + quadruple lobe piercings