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Please *Stop* Using Apple Cider Vinegar On Your Skin—It Could Be Making Your Acne Worse

It's an ingredient that's better off on your salads.

Oh, apple cider vinegar. Love it or hate it, we gotta admit that it has become one of the go-to products of Pinays for their complexion woes. A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of testimonies claiming it has done miracles for their faces, but, there are also a number of enthusiasts who prefer sticking to their trusted skincare brands. Since there are a lot of opposing opinions on this controversial product, licensed dermatologist Dr. Winlove Mojica decided to debunk this once and for all. Keep on reading below to find out if using ACV can *really* treat acne breakouts.

Before anything else, let's quickly discuss what apple cider vinegar exactly is: ACV is a product made from the fermentation of apples. Like other vinegar products, ACV is composed of five to eight percent acetic acid. According to Dr. Winlove, this chemical compound gives ACV its distinct sour taste and strong smell.

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Some people may argue that ACV works on breakouts because there are anti-acne products that contain acids, too. Dr. Winlove quickly debunked this, saying that acetic acid is not the same as salicylic or glycolic acid (both of which are proven as effective treatments). There are no high-quality studies that prove acetic acid is safe for our complexions.

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Dr. Winlove also mentioned that we aren't even sure what percentage of ACV is safe for everyday use. Marketing it as a "daily toner, "could be dangerous as it can actually *burn* the skin. ACV has a high potential of irritating our complexions, and when this happens, it results in *more* acne. Oops!

TL;DR: Apple cider vinegar is great on your salads, but not so much on your face.

Watch Dr. Winlove's full video below:

Can You Treat Acne Using Apple Cider Vinegar? | The Skin Sensei

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