20 Aquarius Tattoo Ideas That Aren't Super Basic, I Swear

They're way cooler than that conspiracy theory you're currently obsessed with.
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Hiii, Aquarius—thank you for taking a break from saving the world to click on this article. Obviously, if you're an Aquarius, you're very proud to be one. You're one of the most multi-dimensional signs—caring (but still won't respond to your texts, sorry), unique (...and also a tad weird), and independent (but, lowkey runs from emotional expression). And what other way to show off your love of your zodiac sign than with a tattoo? Thankfully, you don't have to think of ideas on your own. I already stalked Insta to get you the 20 best Aquarius tattoo ideas out there. Seriously, these tattoos are so cool, I almost want them on my body. (Keyword is *almost*—I'm a very proud Taurus, tyvm.)

  1. This Double Wave Aquarius Tattoo

    If you're in the market for a wave tattoo, may I suggest this extremely detailed one? It's delicate, yet still powerful (just like an Aquarius).

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  2. This Heart Aquarius Tattoo

    Aquarius's are known for being very independent—what better way to show that off than with a self-love heart tattoo?

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  3. This Minimalist Wave Aquarius Tattoo

    Hop on the wave trend by going for this minimalist wave ankle tattoo. It's subtle, but still super fun.

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  4. This Constellation Aquarius Tattoo

    Want something that screams Aquarius, but isn't too obvious? Try out this constellation tattoo—it's easy to hide, but you'll still able to be shown off when you want to.

  5. This Heart-Shaped Wave Aquarius Tattoo

    If you're an Aquarius, a wave in the shape of a heart is the perfect choice for a first tattoo. It's cute, small, and simple.

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  6. This Recycling Aquarius Tattoo

    Everyone knows a true Aquarius is down with any humanitarian cause, but prove that you're really about that life by getting a tattoo honoring a noble cause on your bod.

  7. This Fish Aquarius Tattoo

    This fish Aquarius tattoo is a super fun way is to embrace your inner water bearer.

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  8. This Water Bearer Aquarius Tattoo

    Or you could go literal with the water bearer theme and copy this abstract Aquarius tattoo. Isn't it stunning?

  9. This Uranus Aquarius Tattoo

    Uranus is the ruling planet for Aquarius—pairing the planet plus the Aquarius constellation is a dope way to create a unique tattoo.

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  10. This Finger Aquarius Tattoo

    You could buy a new ring...or you could get this really pretty Aquarius tattoo on your finger.

  11. These Aquarius Symbol Tattoos

    Rib tattoos are known to be painful, but IMO, they're worth it. How cute is this one? Feel free to pair it with another zodiac symbol—maybe your rising sign?

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  12. This Colorful Aquarius Tattoo

    You don't have to stick to just black if you want an Aquarius tattoo. This one incorporates color, adding another level of dimension to your tat.

  13. These Double Wave Aquarius Tattoos

    This exaggerated double wave Aquarius tattoo will be so cute to show off when you're wearing a bikini all summer long.

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  14. This Compass Aquarius Tattoo

    This compass Aquarius tattoo is an example of minimalism done right. If you’re into this look, be sure to book an appointment with an artist who specializes in fine-line tattoos.

  15. This Flower Aquarius Tattoo

    This constellation paired with roses is literally the most adorable Aquarius tattoo. Seriously, how could you resist?

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  16. This Ankle Aquarius Tattoo

    Create a fire ankle tattoo combo with an Aquarius symbol and another sign that's significant to you.

  17. This Aquarius Text Tattoo

    Want the whole world to know your zodiac sign? Go literal with your Aquarius tattoo to rep your team.

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  18. This Behind the Ear Aquarius Tattoo

    This behind the ear Aquarius tattoo is perf if you have strict parents and need to keep it hidden.

  19. This Fish and Constellation Aquarius Tattoo

    Nothing screams Aquarius like a colorful fish tattoo paired with a constellation.

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  20. This Aquarius Neck Tattoo

    Rep your zodiac sign with this understated, minimalist Aquarius tattoo.

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