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Awesome Things You Can Do With Your Deodorant

Other than keep things fresh.

Blister Buster

Before breaking in that new pair of killer stillettos, swipe on some unscented deodorant on the sides of your feet to protect your skin from developing blisters.

Fight Ingrown Hair

After shaving, swipe the deodorant onto your skin to soothe razor burn and even prevent ingrown hairs from growing.

Nail Polish Remover

If you’re into using spray deodorants and you run out of acetone, spray some deodorant onto a cotton ball and use it to remove nail polish. It sounds strange, but it actually works.

Get Rid Of Chafing

Before you go for your run, apply some deodorant in between your thighs to prevent painful chafing. If you have big boobs, apply a bit of deodorant under your breasts to protect you from sweat and chafing from underwire bras.

Closet Freshener

If you’re down to the last chunk of your stick deodorant, and you can’t use it anymore, leave it uncapped inside your closet. It will keep your clothes smelling fresh!

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Soothe Bug Bites

Kagat ng lamok? Swipe a bit of deodorant on the bite and you’ll stop itching in no time. 

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