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4 Bad Habits You Never Thought Could Make Dry Skin Worse

You need to lock in moisture with help from a good lotion.
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Fact: Having dry skin makes your complexion more prone to irritation. In fact, lack of moisture can lead to skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, patchiness, and itching. And while this condition is primarily determined by genetics, there’s no discounting the bad lifestyle habits that may be contributing to your skin being that way. Yikes! 

The good news is it’s never too late to turn things around. The first step to having moisturized skin is to follow one basic skincare tip: putting on a moisturizing lotion! You definitely need to add one to your routine, especially if you’re guilty of the following:  

1. Taking a long, hot shower. 

While a hot shower feels relaxing, its warm temperature could strip away moisture from your skin. So, better to wash with lukewarm water and limit your shower time to an appropriate amount. After showering, make it a habit to apply lotion while your skin is still damp so it can easily absorb nutrients and lock in the moisture needed. Try the Kojiesan Skin Lightening Body Lotion—it has HydroMoist formula that helps hydrate the skin and leave your skin feeling replenished. 

2. Staying in front of your laptop for long hours.

Did you know that the blue light from your screen can do your skin a lot of harm? It breaks down collagen in your skin that leads to a sallow complexion, which is why you need to wear sunscreen even when indoors! Pro tip: Use a body lotion with SPF to help protect your skin against harmful rays that are coming from gadget screens and even the sunlight entering your windows. Of course, don’t forget to drink water and spritz some face mist midday as these can also help keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. 

3. Pulling all-nighters.

FYI, being puyat can make your skin feel dull and tired the following day. Not getting enough shut-eye deprives your complexion of nourishment— it lowers the skin’s pH levels, which makes the glow a no-show in the morning! Moreover, staying up all night brings redness and even triggers breakouts. To help your skin cope, you might want to give Kojiesan's Zero Pigment Light a try. This skincare innovation is infused in their lotions to target dark spots and acne scars with regular use! The result: Bright and even complexion all over. Now you can focus on fixing your body clock and finding more time to rest and recharge after a long day. 

4. Applying products at the wrong time. 

It’s true! You need to consider when to apply skincare products so you can make the most of their benefits. Some lotions are specifically designed for daytime use since they contain SPF that helps protect your skin from UV rays. At night, there are products that help renew and improve skin elasticity as you get your beauty sleep. Make sure you read those labels to know which one is which.  

When it comes to addressing dry skin, you can #GoBeyondOrdinary by adding Kojiesan body lotions to your skincare routine. Kojiesan Skin Lightening Body Lotion and Kojiesan Skin Lightening Body Lotion SPF25 both have HydroMoist formula and Zero Pigment Light technology that work together to help lock in moisture in your skin, ultimately brightening your complexion with daily use. 

These lotions can complement your Kojiesan body soaps, too! To see how it works, watch beauty vlogger Say Tioco as she breaks down her Kojiesan skincare essentials here, and check out Kojiesan's latest campaign that calls on women to #CommandBeauty here.

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