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Beat The Summer Stress And Soothe Yourself

Is the heat causing you more stress? No need to go for one-time spa treatments. Here are ways you can pamper yourself and relax in the comforts of your own home.
Not only have the past couple of months been so hectic for you; now you have to contend with the increasing summer heat that has come upon us. (Weather reports even said it that it could get as hot as 40 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country!) You know how it feels to be so stressed and super init at the same time. What you need to do, Cosmo chicks, is relax properly in the cool comforts of your home--anytime you want to.

1. Indulge in aromatherapy. Each night, right before you shower for bed, prep your room and bathroom by lighting some scented candles. To set the mood, try getting lavender-scented ones, as this essential oil contains calming and relaxing properties that could help send you to a full-on retreat. Get a a highly concentrated scented oil that you could add to your bath water or on your diffuser to set the mood, like Elemente Lavender Essence (P2,850).

2. Enjoy a long bath. If you have a tub (lucky you!), fill it with lukewarm water and soak for as long as you want. If you don't have one, a nice, warm shower would do. Then cleanse your skin with a shower gel in the same lavender scent, like Elemente Lavender Essence Shower Gel, (P2,016), which has high-grade lavender essential oil and micro-granules to remove impurities and refine your skin texture.

3. Layer and moisturize. After bathing, slather on lotion in the same relaxing lavender scent, as layering scents would ensure they would last long on your skin.

Elemente Lavender Series is available in all Excel branches nationwide.

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