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These 5 Beauty Essentials Will Keep Your Skin Glowing Throughout The Rainy Season

Get a flawless, radiant complexion even on cloudy days!
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The rainy season is a welcome reprieve from the skin-burning heat, but it can also bring about numerous skin woes. For those with oily complexions, the humidity can trigger excess sebum production. For those on the dry to sensitive side, it can induce flaking and inflammation.

Keep your skin healthy and glowing during wet days by arming yourself with these rainy day skin-saving solutions:

1. Foam cleanser

Don’t let germs and bacteria settle on your skin for longer than necessary. Wash your skin two to three times a day with Neutrogena DP Clean Foaming Cleanser. It helps remove skin-dulling dirt, excess grime, and oil.

2. An intensive face mask

Despite the humidity, your skin still needs to be moisturized, as the weather can dehydrate your moisture barrier. Try Collagen by Watson's Intensive Nourishing Mask, to help further repair dryness and enhance the skin's radiance.

During your nighttime routine, follow this up with Snailwhite Facial Cream Gold, a deeply enriching cream that's still light as a feather. It helps pump hydration into the skin and keeps it supple round-the-clock.

3. Spot corrector

The muggy weather can congest your pores, increasing the chances of developing acne. When you see a zit about to pop up, simply dab a pea-sized amount of Celeteque DermoScience Acne Solution Spot Gel. It helps dry up pimples overnight and helps prevent future acne breakouts.

4. Hydrating shampoo

The sweat caused by rainy season humidity makes it easy for dirt and grime to build up on your hair and scalp. Stay grease-free with Palmolive Expertique Smoothie Shampoo. Not only does it help leave your hair and scalp clean, but it also leaves you with straight and polished strands.

5. Lotion

When the rain won’t go away, you can bet germs and bacteria come to stay. Give your skin the boost it needs by applying Myra Moisturizing Plus Vitamin Lotion. It’s enriched with skin-nourishing vitamins and nutrients, which help protect your skin against pollutants and free radicals, and reverse the effects of oxidative damage. It also helps lock in moisture into the skin’s barrier, ensuring that your skin stays soft, supple, and glowing even when the skies are gray.

All these rainy day skincare products are available at Watsons, your one-stop shop for your beauty and wellness needs, whether it's sunny or raining buckets outside.

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