Beauty Fixes For Colder Weather

Quit scratching and do something about it already!

What we’re loving: the cooler breeze and the fact that (light) layering is now a fashion option. What we’re hating: the new beauty woes that are popping up because of the chillier weather. Here’s how you can deal.

The Issue: Flakes & Patches
Use exfoliants (like a scrub with smooth beads) once or twice a week on your face, and every other day on your bod. After buffing, always make sure you replenish the moisture that was lost with a rich cream or lotion.

The Issue: Itchy Skin
Switch to heavier moisturizers or oils. Since these are packed with more skin-quenching ingredients, they will help soothe and nourish your skin even more. Tip: Try applying them while your skin is slightly damp to lock in moisture.

The Issue: Cracked Lips
Ditch the matte lipstick formulas! Instead, prep your lips with some balm and reach for moisturizing lippies instead. While you’re at it, make it a habit to slick on some balm before bed, so your lips will stay hydrated while you sleep.

The Issue: Dry Hands
Doing the dishes can be such a pain this time of the year. Wear gloves before washing and park a hand lotion beside your sink, so you’ll always remember to apply a dollop to your hands after you’re done with kitchen duty.

The Issue: Redness
If the colder weather is making your skin more sensitive and prone to redness, try switching to a soap-free wash. Cream-based cleansers are gentler and less drying on the skin, so those will be a welcome treat for your face!

The Issue: Pale, Sallow Skin
Since your tan is probably long gone by now, try faking a golden glow with a little self-tanner or bronzer. Just pick a formula that’s one to two shades darker than your current skin tone, so that it looks more natural. 

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