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Beauty Loot: Bringing Back '80s Skin Care

Trends in fashion recur all the time. Defining styles of earlier decades somehow find themselves resurrected in the last ten years. One such decade that made such a huge impact on fashion—and whose trends seem unstoppable from appearing again and again on the runway—is that of the 1980s. But The Body Shop did a little twist, and brought back for 2010 their skin care ranges from the ‘80s collectively called The Originals.

Today’s young women can now experience the skin pampering privy to ‘80s babies. The Body Shop’s refreshing, fruity collections of hair and body products from that decade are back in stores. Take your pick from a wide variety of flavors, including Dewberry, Fuzzy Peach, Banana, Green Apple, Ice Blue, Cucumber, Passion Fruit, and Carrot. All carry their original packaging, which used 100% recycled PET made from post-consumer recyclate.

If you’re one of those wary of outrageous ‘80s fashion, then consider this one way you can get into the trend without really looking it—you just smell and feel it. Cosmo chicks of the ‘80s can allow themselves a trip back in time by indulging in these classic products with a modern twist. Younger Cosmo gals can familiarize themselves with the collections by clicking on the gallery button below.
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