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Beauty Loot: Going Organic And Natural In 15 Products

Cosmo gives you the skinny on all-natural and organic products that are all over beauty counters and stores these days.
Suddenly, all-natural and organic cosmetics and toiletries are all the rage nowadays, but what does natural or organic truly mean? Are they really better than your regular beauty products?

There are different organizations globally that will certify if a product is really organic, with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organic Program being one of the strictest in regulating food ingredients found in cosmetics. A product with 95 percent organic food ingredients gets the USDA organic logo, and though standards vary from country to country, an organic seal usually means an item contains 95 percent organic ingredients. ECOCERT is another strict certification standard for natural and organic cosmetics that you must watch for when looking for truly organic and natural products.

However, an item with an organic certification doesn’t always mean it’s completely organic so read the labels on products carefully. Some organizations only require that products must be made with 70 percent organic ingredients, while still allowing it to contain some preservatives and undergo chemical processes. In this case, the label should claim: “Made with organic ingredients.” In general, though, only the term “Organic” has certain requirements, so other terms like "all natural," “eco-friendly,” or even “green” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s organic.

So how is organic good for you?
Organic products mean these items were made to conform to a set of standards. They contain no harmful toxins, have no artificial ingredients, contain no genetically modified organisms, are not tested on animals, and are eco-friendly so that everything, down to the packaging, is done with saving the environment--and your skin--in mind.

Thinking of adapting an all-natural or all-organic beauty regimen? View our gallery for some products that you can be sure are certified organic or at least made with all-natural ingredients.
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