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Beauty On A Budget: 3 Anti-Aging Tactics Using Tipid Picks

Fighting signs of aging on your skin need not cost you a fortune. Use products you've always been hiyang with.

While it’s fun to try the latest beauty products on the counter, budget-conscious working chicks like us don’t have the luxury of splurging on an expensive anti-aging product that we would turn out to be allergic to or which simply won’t work on our skin. Sometimes it’s safer to stick to products from beauty brands, whether foreign or local, that we have always known to work for our skin.

Here are three steps you can incorporate into your skincare regimen which uses the latest products from a local beauty brand that a lot of Pinays have always sworn by.

1. Deep Cleanse. A deep-cleansing toner that has collagen, pro-retinol, and minerals adds protection to your skin and makes for a refreshing post-wash step. Try Eskinol Ageless Facial Toner, P69 for 50ml and P99 for 100ml.

2. Protect. Arm your face daily with dual UV defense (at least SPF 15 against UVB and PA+ for UVA protection). Sunscreen is the best and foremost anti-aging product. Use a moisturizer like Eskinol Ageless Day Cream, P199 for 30ml pot and P20 for 10ml sachet, which has SPF 18 and PA+ that protect skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, and Vitamin B3 that lessen appearance of age spots.

3. Repair. Your skin renews itself while you sleep. Stimulate the process by using an anti-aging night cream that has soy proteins that help prevent skin sagging, minerals that stimulate skin cell regeneration, and amino acids that help repair skin as you sleep. Apply Eskinol Ageless Night Cream, P199 for 30ml pot and P20 for 10ml sachet, before bedtime.

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