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Beauty Q&A: How To Remove Stretch Marks And Avoid Dark Underarms

Dear Cosmo,

I have been having problems with removing stretch marks on my butt. Also, I’m wondering what products I could use to whiten dark underarms and my singit, which are cheap yet effective and easy to use. I really envy those with white underarms (like Valerie Concepcion, pictured). Please don’t post my name, I just need tips. Thanks!


Hey sis,

Stretch marks have been an on-going beauty dilemma for both men and women. This form of scarring usually occurs during the following: sudden weight loss or gain, and growth spurt usually during adolescent years and pregnancy. For whatever reasons you've acquired the stretch marks, even with all the products in the market claiming to get rid of them, it's honestly hard to find full success. And if so, this will be determined by your age, skin tone, genetics, and diet.

However, there's one exception to this rule: If the stretch marks are still dark in color (purple/maroon/brown), this means they're still fresh. This will usually last for one year since the stretch marks first appeared. Once the stretch marks have become white or transparent in color and have been there for at least a year, then there's very minimal chance of getting rid of them, especially with just over the counter, topical treatments. The most promising means of getting rid of marks when they are still fresh are through cosmetic laser treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and even surgery. Next in line would be Tretinoin-based ointments or creams. Of course, all these must be done with a certified physician's supervision.

Temporarily, sunless tanners can also help mask stretch marks.

With regard to whitening the underarm and groin areas, products proven to be effective can still be cost efficient. Check out my article “Tip and Tricks For Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair” in the Beauty 101 section, where I mentioned how waxing can INSTANTLY whiten problem areas and much more.

Here are some causes of darker skin in the groin and armpit areas that you can try to address:
1. Excessive sweating.
2. Constant friction from tight clothing like pants/jeans, tops, and underwear (full panty-types) that rub against the skin.
3. Accumulation of dead skin.
4. Shaving.
5. Deodorants with fragrance.

And here’s what you can do to avoid darkening those areas:
1. Sleep in loose "lola" panties to help your genital area breathe.
2. Rub your armpits and groin area (not vagina) with calamansi or lemons at bedtime and wash in the morning. This also helps neutralize body odor.
3. Opt for tawas or alum-based deos as they have no fragrance and are all-natural (no added chemicals).

Hope this helps! Cosmo chicks, share your lightening tips, too, when you comment!
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