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Beauty Tips Every Jet-Setter Should Know

Hydration is key.

Whether you’re flying out to visit family or to simply run away from ~*city drama*~, don’t forget about your beauty routine. Here, we give you tips on how you can still look pretty before, during, and after a long-haul flight.

"Am I allowed to bring liquid beauty products in my carry-on bag?"

Passengers are allowed to bring liquids in their carry-on bags as long as: 1) they don't exceed 100mL; 2) the liquids are kept in a clear plastic bag. So bring travel-sized beauty products or transfer them to smaller containers. (Cosmo Tip: Let your boyfriend bring some of your liquids, because he’s probably not carrying a ton of beauty products like you are.)

For Your Hair

Use a treatment

For long-haul flights, apply leave-in conditioner on your tresses before you head to the airport, so you won't have to worry about frizzy dry hair. 

Pack dry shampoo

You won’t get to wash your hair until you reach your destination, so keep your scalp feeling fresh with dry shampoo. We suggest packing one in powder form, because aerosols aren’t allowed in planes.

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Pack on the moisture

Just before you land, apply a bit of hair oil to your mane, which will keep the frizzies at bay.

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For Your Skin


Lather on moisturizer on your face, hands, arms, and legs. If you have very dry skin, mix a drop or two of beauty oil into your face cream to max out the hydration. Oh, and don't forget the eye cream! It’s also better to just ditch your makeup completely so your skin won’t have to suffer. (Or fine, you can just fill in your kilay.)


Mid-flight, whip out your oil-blotting sheets to get rid of excess oil on your face. (Cosmo Tip: You can use them to absorb oil from your scalp, too!)

If your flight is really long, use cooling eye pads to reduce swelling and redness around your eye area. If you don’t have eye pads, use a cool soda can or a cup of ice instead. Don't forget to use a face towel or an extra shirt to act as a barrier between the can and your skin.

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If your skin feels parched—and it probably will because of the airplane’s recycled air—use a light face serum to lock in more hydration. Spray on your facial mist for added moisture as well.

And don't skip the lip balm!

Before landing

About 30 minutes before you land, bring out your kikay kit and start applying makeup. Go for a lightweight BB cream instead of a full coverage foundation. To avoid looking washed out and tired, dab a bit of cream blush onto your cheeks. Fill in your brows and apply a coat or two of mascara and you’re ready to face the world.

Other tips:

Avoid bloating and puffiness while in the plane by skipping salty food, alcohol, and soda. Ditch anything with caffeine because it will dehydrate you even more. Pack healthy snacks like fruits and sandwiches instead. And don’t forget to drink lots and lots of water!

Bon voyage, Cosmo girls!

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