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Exfoliate Your Way To Softer Lips With These Scrubs

Adios, cracked and chapped lips!

If you love lippies just as much as we do, you would know that a smooth and hydrated base is the *key* to perfect application. When your pout has dry patches, a lipstick (especially one in a matte finish!) can only make the flakes worse and more noticeable. This is where a lip scrub comes in handy. Here are the benefits of this ~unsung~ hero:

  1. It *gently* exfoliates dead skin cells.

    Dry, cracked, and chapped lips are painful and can sometimes even bleed. A lip scrub can help fix this problem right away. It gently exfoliates and removes the dead skin cells that have accumulated in the area. 

  2. It moisturizes your lips.

    ICYDK, your lips have a layer of lipids—this serves as a protective barrier that helps retain moisture in your pout. When your lips become chapped, that layer becomes unbalanced. Using a lip scrub at least once a week will repair ~everything~. Plus, a lip scrub's base is made of a mix of hydrating oils, which can bring back your lips' plump state.

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  3. It creates a ~perfect~ canvas for lipstick application.

    When you have dry flakes on your pout, your lipstick won't apply as smoothly. It will look uneven and the pigment will seem patchy, which is why you should consider including lip scrub as part of your prep!

With those benefits in mind, we have listed our top picks for lip scrubs that can help you score a smooth (and totally kissable *wink wink*) pout:

  1. Best Lip Scrub: Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

    The Bubblegum variant is one of the bestselling lip scrubs from Lush and rightfully so! It's just *that* good. It contains exfoliating caster sugar and hydrating jojoba oil to buff away the dry flakes and bring the moisture back to your pout. P.S. You can ~lick~ off the excess because it's actually edible. Yum!

    Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, P495,


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  2. Skin Potions Honey Glazed Lip Scrub

    Before applying your favorite liquid lippie, prep first with the Honey Glazed Lip Scrub from Skin Potions! Just massage it on your puckers, leave it on for one to two minutes, and wash it off afterward. Your fave lipstick will glide on like butter! 

    Skin Potions Honey Glazed Lip Scrub, P149, Lazada


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  3. Best Lip Scrub: Sephora Collection Kiwi Lip Scrub

    The kiwi lip scrub from Sephora features *gentle* sugar exfoliants that work to buff away the dead skin cells. It's also infused with honey and shea butter to further moisturize your pout and keep it baby-soft.

    Sephora Collection Kiwi Lip Scrub, P347, Sephora


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  4. Best Lip Scrub: Too Faced Exfoliating Peach Sugar Lip Scrub

    If you're ~*obsessed*~ with the Peach line of Too Faced, you'll want to add their lip scrub to your wishlist! This hardworking but gentle product will slough off layers of dead skin cells from your pout. It also has a hydrating formula that will prevent dryness so you'll only be left with buttery-soft and moisturized puckers!

    Too Faced Exfoliating Peach Sugar Lip Scrub, P1,090, Sephora


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  5. Best Lip Scrub: Cloud Cosmetics Watermelon Lip Scrub

    Don't be fooled by its affordable price tag, the Watermelon Lip Scrub from Cloud Cosmetics packs a punch! It's infused with jojoba beads for a soothing exfoliating experience, natural emollients for hydration and nourishment, and vitamin E for further protection. 

    Cloud Cosmetics Watermelon Lip Scrub, P100, BeautyMNL


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  6. Best Lip Scrub: Human Nature Natural Lip Scrub

    Get soft and kissable lips with the Human Nature Natural Lip Scrub! It has sugar crystals that gently buff away the dull and dry skin to reveal a supple pout. Plus, it's also infused with jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and beeswax—this trio will soften your puckers and lock in moisture.

    Human Nature Natural Lip Scrub, P195, Humanheartnature


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  7. Best Lip Scrub: MISSHA Superfood Apricot Seed Lip Scrub

    The lip scrub from famous Korean brand MISSHA uses apricot seed and sugar to lightly exfoliate your puckers. It's also infused with shea butter and three natural oils (jojoba, argan, and Camellia japonica) to retain moisture after exfoliation. Unlike the usual lip scrubs that come in cute little pots, this comes in a squeeze-type tube. This way, it's hygienic since you don't have to dip your fingers into it. Plus, its packaging makes it easy to bring with you everywhere! 

    MISSHA Superfood Apricot Seed Lip Scrub, P200, Althea


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