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15 TikTok Skincare Influencers You Need To Follow RN

Your future face will thank you!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) TikTok/whatsonvisface, Instagram/skincarebyhyram

As our attention spans get shorter by the day, it makes sense that we're now consuming more and more of our beauty content on TikTok instead of YouTube.

If you already have a scrolling addiction, skincare TikTok is only going to multiply that, between the product reviews, drugstore finds, and dermatologist recommendations.

Trust us, once you find skincare TikTok, you'll never leave... at least not without a new understanding of what niacinamide does for your skin and a new Korean product to add to your rotation.

No doubt most of you will already be familiar with (and follow) Hyram. His celebrity skincare reaction videos are legendary, but Hyram isn't the only skinfluencer on the app worth following.

Dermatologists like Dr. Shah (@DermDoctor) use their 30-second videos to cover different skin conditions, as well as tips for removing blackheads that don't involve pore strips.

If you're on a budget, @BauerBeauty shares her "esthetician approved" supermarket skincare finds, so you can save your hard-earned money but still soothe your skin barrier. While others like @YayayaYoung share their tips, products, and routines for how they get their skin looking like a slab of marble.

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To make things a little easier to navigate, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite experts, enthusiasts, and influencers, who are worth losing hours of your life to.

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Just promise us that after being introduced to skincare TikTok you'll finally quit that face wipe addiction and wear SPF every day—your future face will thank you!

1. @hyram


Bar Soap: What Are My Thoughts? ???? VIDEO LINK IN BIO ?? ##skincarebyhyram ##barsoap

? original sound - Hyram

Of course, Hyram has to be number one on our list. The skincare enthusiast blew up on YouTube after his honest review of Kylie Skin went viral and he is single-handedly to blame for the TikTok CeraVe uprising. Our favorite Hyram videos have to be his skincare reactions. If you want to feel better about your life, we highly recommend watching him roast your favorite celebrities as they slather on essential oils.

2. @bauerbeauty


#20s #twenties #skincare #antiagingskincare #antiaging #skin #drugstoreskincare #drugstorefaves #walgreens #esthetician

? original sound - barrier queen

Bauer Beauty is obsessed with protecting your skin barrier and roasting brands that release products with skincare formulas she doesn't agree with. If you're on the hunt for affordable supermarket skincare her "esthetician approved" series will help you find the hidden gems on the drugstore shelves.

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3. @dermdoctor


Olive Oil? #dermatologist #jlo #jlobeauty #skincare #learnontiktok #fyp #beautyreviews #oliveoil

? original sound - Dr. Shah

Dr. Shah is a dermatologist who shares his knowledge on a range of skincare topics and conditions. He covers everything from why you're addicted to lip balm (and how to break that habit), to signs of hormonal imbalance on the skin.

4. @drvanitarattan


Comment below what brand I should review next? #fyp #foryou #doctorv #skincare #simple #skincareroutine

? Blue Blood - Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Dr. Rattan specializes in skin of color and posts videos specifically for non-caucasian skin. She covers everything from the best CeraVe products for people of color to the best acids for skin of color.

5. @yayayayoung


Skincare song to help you remember your skincare routine! inspo: @coolman_coffeedan  #skincaresong #howto #ImBadAtSinging

? original sound - yayayayoung

@YayayaYoung's channel description tells you everything you need to know about his personality: "Egg Looking Straight Skincare Specialist". Not only does he have incredible skin, but he shares his tips all with a sense of humor.

6. @208skindoc


Less is more ##skincaretips ##skincare ##skincareroutine ##retinol

? original sound - audios

Do you remember in The Office when Michael Scott asks Oscar to "explain it to me like I'm five"? Well, that's exactly what Dr. Dustin Portela does with skincare. Some of our favorite videos are where he teaches his daughter about ingredients because sadly no one taught us about vitamin C in school.

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7. @whatsonvisface


for legal reasons, I don’t have an ex. Follow me on IG for 12 giveaways coming up in December #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok #skintok #skincaretips

? original sound - whatsonvisface

If you like your skincare tips served with a healthy side of humor, @Whatsonvisface is your woman. From comparing The Batchelor contestants to hyaluronic acid formulas to recommending the best under eye tinted sunscreens for TikTok addicts—skin nerds have a safe place here.

8. @charlotteparler


Science is this incredible thing that can tell you if a claim is BS or not ???? #skincare #tiktokbeauty #myrecommendation #beautyessentials #aging #skin

? Therefore I Am - Billie Eilish

Charlotte is passionate about three things: cutting the BS out of skincare, reading clinical studies, and sculpting her face with her NuFACE device. If that sounds good to you, you now know where to find her.

9. @j.c.dombrowski


Have you tried any of these? :) #fyp #skincare #skincareroutine #edutok

? original sound - J.C. Dombrowski

Amongst his videos of wildly fascinating ocean and animal facts (terrified of caterpillars now, tbh), JC's skincare round-ups and honest reviews are incredibly helpful.

10. @cassandrabankson


#FentySkin by #Rihanna is glossier meets ole henrecksen & goes to Korea. KYLIESKIN wasn’t invited and is lurking on Instagram in Pjs. #skincare

? original sound - Cassandra Bankson

If you've seen a skincare trend floating round on social media, chances are medical esthetician Cassandra has posted a video debunking the "science" behind it.

11. @lisagrrera


If you’re looking for cleansers other than Cerave, check out the neutrogena one! #target #shopwithme #MicellarRewind #skincaremyths #skincaretips

? Dreams (2004 Remaster) - Fleetwood Mac

If ingredients labels confuse the hell out of you and you don't know what percentage of niacinamide you should be using, Lisa (who is an actual chemist) is here to make that all that information way more digestible.

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12. @dermbeautydoc


#stitch with @lizzo  #thinkingabout #selfimprovement #happyholidays

? Black Is Beautiful - Chronixx

If you're after short, informative, and straight to the point skincare videos, dermatologist Dr. Howard is here to help. She covers everything from butt to back acne, along with various how-to explainers.

13. @benneiley


the third one is one of the most common mistakes I see! #greenscreen #skincaremistakes  #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

? Bronze - Clutch

If you like incredible skin, sprinkled with a controversial opinion, Ben is the influencer for you. From why he doesn't like CeraVe I(*gasp*), to popular products he doesn't rate, we might not always agree with him, but we are always keen to listen to his point of view.

14. @teawithmd


what other vids do you want to see?! Taking requests! #dermbypark #skincare #oilyskin

? original sound - Dr. Joyce

Dr. Joyce is a trained dermatologist, so you can be safe in the knowledge that her videos deliver nothing but expert advice. If you want a professional's opinion, she is an absolute must to follow.

15. @shannon.bruno


it was trial and error for me ????? #niacinamide #skincare #acne #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

? original sound - Shannon Bruno

Skincare enthusiast Shannon shares her reviews on affordable products (cleansers are her specialty). If you struggle with acne she shares her experience and what worked for her.

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