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20 Cute ~*Friendship*~ Tattoo Designs To Get With Your BFF

Cutest Friendship Tattoo Ideas For You And Your BFF
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When you were younger, you swore your loyalty and friendship to your best friend by wearing matching bracelets or necklaces. Now that you're older, though, you may want something more mature and permanent like tattoos. BFF ink can be matching, related, or completely different—you can choose whatever best represents your bond! Ahead, 20 of the cutest tattoo designs for you and your bestie to choose from:

  1. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Moon and Sun

    These two celestial bodies perfectly complement each other—just like you and your bestie.

  2. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Lightning Bolts

    Want to go for a more modern design? These lightning bolt tattoos represent how ~electric~ your bond truly is.

  3. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Plantita Life

    Did you and your BFF bond through plants and became halamoms this quarantine? Let it be known with these cute vine tattoos.

  4. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Minimalist Hearts

    You can never go wrong with hearts when it comes to matching tattoos. Plus, they can also act as rings because jewelry is overrated now, haha!

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  5. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: White Hearts

    Alternatively, you may also choose a different color of ink to make your tattoos less ~basic~. Take note, though: White tattoos are more prone to fading!

  6. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Pinky Promise

    Take your childhood pinky promise gestures and give them a 2020 update by getting them inked on your bodies. We love the clean lines used for these!

  7. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: In Your Feels

    Shoutout to your best friend who's always the first to ask how you *really* are.

  8. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Line Drawing

    Flower tattoos are always a good idea, but you can customize them even further by editing the stem to match your personality.

  9. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Beach Babes

    If you and your BFF love beach hopping, then these sun and wave tattoos are perf for you two!

  10. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Tiny Anchors

    No matter what happens, you know your best friend will keep you grounded, and you'll always do the same for her.

  11. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Avocado Halves

    These adorable avocado halves represent the way you're always tied together at the hip.

  12. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Flower Power

    These delicate watercolor flower tattoos are too cute for words.

  13. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Family is Forever

    Because you really do consider your BFF to be the sister you never had.

  14. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Yin and Yang

    You and your bestie may have very different personalities, but you complement each other—just like yin and yang symbols.

  15. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Power Puff Girls

    If there are three of you in a group, then these Power Puff Girl tattoos are practically made for you guys!


  16. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Astrology-Inspired

    Are you big believers in astrology? Then these whimsical tattoos are perf!

  17. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Chopsticks

    Sometimes, the most mundane bonding moments make the most unique tattoos. Case in point: These chopstick tattoos that represent your love for eating Chinese food, LOL.

  18. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Promises

    Whatever life throws at you, you know that you'll always have one person in your corner no matter what.

  19. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Sisters For Life

    These sweet tattoos let people know that you guys are a ~*package deal*~.

  20. Best Friendship Tattoo Design: Wine O'Clock

    Do you bond over a nice glass of wine while pouring your heart out to each other? These quirky red wine tattoos are perfect for your inner tita selves, LOL!

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