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I Tried 'Organic Botox' To See If It Can Improve My Skin

A lot of needles poked my face, too!
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Since I reached my thirties, I've been hyper-aware of the changes in my skin: Fine lines have started to appear. Because of this, I have become a maximalist when it comes to my skincare routine. I remember in my twenties, I was okay with a cleanser, a serum, and a moisturizer. Compare that to my current regimen: a gentle cleanser, a soothing toner, acids, an anti-aging serum, an eye cream, and a firming moisturizer.

I'm not saying that wrinkles and fine lines are something to be afraid of—I know that they will soon take over (because nature), but I just want to age gracefully! I mean, Angel Aquino looks fantastic! I'm willing to experiment on treatments that can keep me glowing and fresh.

That said, I immediately got interested when Flawless Face and Body Clinic informed me that they offer Biotulin. It's a serum dubbed as "organic Botox" targeted to plump the skin and blur fine lines. Unlike Botox, which is a toxin that "freezes" your muscles, Biotulin is just a potent moisturizing product that won't clog the pores. They inject the serum on the skin's surface using a "gun" with micro-needles, creating channels that will carry the hydrating agent. Curious how everything went? Read on!

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It was short and painless.

I was kind of scared of the micro-needling part. Although I knew I have a high pain tolerance, the idea of needles (in plural form, btw) on my face wasn't pleasant. But, thankfully, they appplied generous layers of numbing cream. I swear, I didn't feel anything.

The results are instant.

There was no redness, and the dermatologist was impressed that my skin had a pearly glow minutes after the treatment. My fine lines in the forehead became less visible. My teammates and friends said I had "glass skin." BTW, you get to take home the leftover serum so you can use it in both your morning and nighttime routines.

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I can go out without foundation.

Thanks to my ~fresh and glowing~ complexion, I skipped foundation for 14 days straight. I just wore sunscreen, 'cos UV rays.


Rough skin texture on the forehead, visible blemishes on the chin.


No foundation needed (or allowed!!!). The dermatologist says you shouldn't put on base makeup, blush, highlighter, or even a contouring makeup on your face because the product won't stick on your face. I only have eye makeup and lipstick in this photo:

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Will I do it again?

It costs P20,000 (with the take-home serum), so it's not something I'll do on the regular just like a facial. I'll probably try this again if I have any special occasion I need to attend, like a wedding.

The Biotulin treatment costs P12,000 to P20,000 at Flawless Face and Body Clinics.

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