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Birth Month Flower Tattoo Ideas To Try If You're Tired Of Zodiac Signs

birth flower tattoo designs
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When it comes to choosing a design for your tattoo, you can never go wrong with astrology-themed ones. However, if you're tired of your zodiac sign (because TBH, same), allow us to convince you to choose your ~*birth flower*~ instead! Just like birthstones, there are 12 different flowers that represent each month of the year. The beauty in them is that they have so many variations, you'll surely find a design that's meant for you.

Need some ideas (or maybe you're genuinely curious as to what your birth flower actually is)? Don't worry, we got you covered! Check out 12 of the prettiest designs we spotted on Instagram below:

Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas to Try in 2021

  1. January: Carnation

    Carnations come in all sorts of colors, but they generally represent hope and rebirth—perfect for the first month of the year.

  2. February: Violet

    For February babies, your birth flower is a violet. It typically represents loyalty and faithfulness. This particular design is subtle but totally gorgeous!


  3. March: Daffodil

    Daffodils are vibrantly colored flowers that signify prosperity, new beginnings, and creativity. The addition of the moon in the design below completes this ~work of art~.

  4. April: Daisy

    April peeps have the delicate daisy as their birth month flower. It symbolizes purity, innocence, and youth. BTW, we're obsessed with the shading for this design—it gives the flower more depth.

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  5. May: Lily

    Fun fact: Lilies aren't just the birth flower for May babies, they also bloom during that month! This bloom represents love, humility, and sweetness.

  6. June: Rose

    Roses have long been used to signify love and romance, but their meanings also depend on their color. A red one, like in the tattoo below, symbolizes passion and respect.


  7. July: Larkspur

    Larkspurs have long been linked to July birthdays. They represent dignity, positivity, and ~first love~! Also, we love how the larkspur tattoo below doesn't have any stems—it gives it a more minimalist vibe.

  8. August: Gladiolus

    Gladiolus flowers are meant to symbolize one's strength of character and integrity.

  9. September: Aster

    September babies, your birth flower is an aster. It represents love, patience, faith, and wisdom.

  10. October: Marigold

    Another vibrant-colored flower, marigolds are said to symbolize creativity and passion. It's also been said to represent the ~warmth~ of the sun.

  11. November: Chrysanthemum

    Chrysanthemums are delicate-looking flowers that represent loyalty, honesty, and friendship.

  12. December: Narcissus or Holly

    December babies are represented by several flowers like the narcissus and holly. The former symbolizes hope and wealth, while the latter signifies defense and truth.

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