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Is Underarm Hair Making Your Body Odor Worse?

We're finally setting the record straight.
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We’ve been told before that we have to remove body hair to prevent body odor. Yet there are articles saying that body hair doesn’t cause body odor, so it’s okay to grow it out and embrace it. Which one’s true?

The Main Cause of B.O.

Body odor is normal. It’s the scent our bodies give off when the bacteria on our skin break down our sweat into acids. In other words, two things need to be present to produce the unpleasant smell: bacteria and sweat. Without bacteria, your sweat is actually odorless.

It’s worth noting though that the sweat found in your breasts, genital area, and armpits has a different composition: It has more protein, which bacteria can break down easily. Those areas are therefore more smelly.

The Role of Underarm Hair

Armpit hair can influence underarm odor, according to a 2016 study that was conducted on men alone. Researchers looked into how underarm hair affects body odor prevention through standard soap washing. They found that the absence of hair optimizes cleansing and makes one’s daily hygiene more effective in reducing body odor.

Similarly, a 2012 study published in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology states that the odor of shaved armpits (in men) was rated more attractive than hairy armpits.

It’s safe to say then that armpit hair generally contributes to the intensity of body odor.

What to Do with Armpit Hair

What you want to do with your underarm hair is entirely up to you. If you prefer removing it, consider using a hair removal cream like Veet Hair Removal Cream. The cream not only dissolves the hair, it also dissolves ingrown hair-causing dead skin cells, revealing silky smooth and brighter-looking skin. It's also easy to use: Just apply the cream on clean, dry skin, spread it evenly using the curved side of the Veet spatula, leave the cream on for three minutes, and then use the spatula to scrape off the cream and the dissolved hairs. Rinse your skin thoroughly to remove the excess cream.

If you’d like to grow out your armpit hair without worrying about body odor, use deodorant. It reduces body odor by suppressing sweat production or killing odor-causing bacteria. It’s especially important considering that soap isn’t as reliable in getting rid of bacteria when there’s hair.

To learn more about how to use Veet Hair Removal Cream, check out this video. To learn more about Veet Hair Removal Cream, follow Veet on Facebook.

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