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Boob Deodorant Is A Thing Now

Wait, what?!

The beauty world invents the most bizarre things.

We just discovered BOOB DEODORANT, which is basically lotion for your girls to keep 'em sweat- and odor-free. Because apparently, boob sweat, or "swoob," is actually a thing.  Joani DiCampli, the creator and founder of Boobalicious Breast Deodorant, launched this all-natural, organic lotion that helps control your underboob sweat. And she came up with the MOST hilarious scent names ever, like Lickable Lemons and Perky Peppermint.

Not a huge fan of scents? Skincare brand Fresh Body has Fresh Breasts, a non-scented cream that dries into powder—helping you control your girls' odor. Because who knew our breasts could actually stink?

Even more bizarre? Those aren't the only ones in the market! Lush Cosmetics actually has a product called Silky Underwear Dusting Powder that contains grated cocoa butter that melts onto your skin to make it super smooth! We're not sure if this is something you can dust on your vagina, though. Because it is UNDERWEAR POWDER.

But really, we'd rather not.