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Quick Question: Would You Ever Try A Butt Mask Or Scrub?

Yep, a booty 'facial' exists.
Butt mask and scrubs to try for a smoother bum
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Skincare for your butt? Who knew?

I find it really cool that we're paying more attention to the skin in areas other than our face. First, it was underarms then there was an obsession with singit (or bikini area + inner thighs). Now, it seems like everyone is giving extra TLC to their butts, including myself. I've written about a butt brightening routine, and now I find myself super curious about butt masks. 

Butt masks come in different shapes and formulas. There are booty scrubs, clay masks, and sheet masks! All these give your booty a facial. (That sounded weird but you get my point!). These exfoliate the skin, fade pigmentation, and keep the booty feeling soft and supple.

If you're getting ~curiouser and curiouser~, you can start your butt mask obsession with these finds:

Butt Masks To Try For The Most Flawless Booty Ever

  1. Buttitude Smoothing Butt Mask

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I read on the product label what this butt mask could do! This contains anti-aging Jeju tangerine extract that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and brightens pigmentations. This butt mask also gently exfoliates + hydrates, and I felt like giving my bum a facial while trying this out. I highly suggest that you use this before going on a beach trip. It would make your booty bikini-ready!

    Buttitude Smoothing Butt Mask

    Buttitude Smoothing Butt Mask, P495, Beauty Bar


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  2. Honey Beauty Baby Bum Scrub Buttne-Busting Butt Scrub

    Butt-ne being a pain in the ass? Try this booty scrub that's specially made to make the zits go away. It has a blend of both physical and chemical exfoliators that renew the skin each time you scrub-a-dub-dub on your booty. I suggest keeping this in your shower at all times of you could use it thrice a week for best results.

    Honey Beauty Baby Bum Scrub Buttne-Busting Butt Scrub

    Honey Beauty Baby Bum Scrub Buttne-Busting Butt Scrub, P449, Honey Beauty


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  3. Love Brown Love Your Butt Booty Scrub

    Keep your butt looking tight, smooth, and firm with this body scrub enriched with Barako Coffee grounds and Moringa oil. I love it so much when local products use PH-sourced ingredients. Don't be surprised when you find your skin feeling taut and smooth after a scrub sesh. It's the Booty Scrub working its magic!

    Love Brown Love Your Butt Booty Scrub

    Love Brown Love Your Butt Booty Scrub, P249/100g; P599/300g, Shopee


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  4. Mink I am Bootyful Butt Scrub

    Another contender in the booty scrub category, this product promises to reveal a flawless butt with regular use. It has Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt, plus tea tree oil that all work together to exfoliate the booty. Massage this on damp skin thrice a week to get rid of bumps and butt-ne.

    Mink I am Bootyful Butt Scrub

    Mink I am Bootyful Butt Scrub 300g, P549, Lazada


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