Help! I Have Bacne!

Here are five ways you can get rid of back acne.

1. Switch your soap.

Here is something you might not have known about acne: It's not just because you have oily skin. Acne is caused by bacteria—and your soap may be to blame. Switch to a gentle anti-bacterial wash (we love Pears Germ Shield Soap, available at leading supermarkets nationwide), which will target germs—without drying your skin.

2. Use toner on your back, too.

Sure, you use one on your face post-shower, but you might want to apply toner on your back as well. Look for a toner that contains salicylic acid, which will dry up your zits, stat!

3. Stop exfoliating.

We get it: Body acne is stubborn and tough. Some days, it just won't go away—but don't think that scrubbing will remove the whiteheads. While it's okay to gently exfoliate your body twice a week (not consecutively, of course) overscrubbing will just irritate your skin, and will cause you to break out more.

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4. There are facials, and then there are back facials.

Most facial care centers offer bacne facials, so if the zits are becoming a problem that you absolutely cannot bare your back anymore, get it treated once a month.

5. Visit your dermatologist.

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Treat your derma like your favorite friend: Schedule a monthly appointment—especially if body acne is a recurring problem. Most dermatologists will recommend special topical or oral medications that can help you battle bacne. Plus, most skin doctors are equipped with advanced laser technology that will zap those zits pronto!

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