Why You’ll Love Skincare Products With Caffeine

Coffee's not just for brekky!

For most of us, coffee is a prerequisite to a productive day. The caffeine in a cup of Joe gives a jolt of energy that will help us get through our work shift. But besides being a breakfast staple, this ingredient is said to benefit our skin.

We see a lot of caffeine-enriched products in the market, and as a wise consumer, it’s always best to find out if they are worth trying. To guide you, we researched on its benefits. Read on to see our rundown of everything caffeine can do for our complexions:

Caffeine improves the condition of puffy eyes and dark circles.

Caffeine is considered a vasoconstrictor, aka it constricts blood cells. This process calms down the redness caused by inflammation. It also reduces the appearance of puffy and dark circles.

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The Inkey List Caffeine Under-Eye Serum, P700, Sephora

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Olay Ultimate Eye Cream, P1,699, Lazada

Caffeine slows down the appearance of fine lines.

Caffeine is rich in antioxidants that fight free radical damage and premature wrinkles. Plus, it has the ability improve cell turnover. Your skin will look glowing and youthful with regular use of caffeine-infused skincare products.

Origins Ginzing Oil-Free Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer, P1,900 SM Megamall

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Caffeine improves skin elasticity.

When found in body care products, caffeine can lift and tighten loose skin. It can also reduce the orange-peel texture caused by cellulite. It won’t make the dimpled appearance disappear, but it will smoothen the skin's surface and improve its firmness.

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub, P635, Sephora.ph

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