Cosmo Q&A: Common Beauty Problems Solved!

From makeup, skincare, to even your man's complexion, Cosmo gives you the answers you need.

Pout Problem
I love to go clubbing, but I seem to lose my lipstick right after my first drink. How can I make my lips gimik-proof?
Try this Cosmo-tested trick: Wipe your lips clean of any existing color and oils. Fill your lips in with a nude lip liner, then top with one coat of your lipstick. Gently blot your lips once with a sheet of tissue, then brush translucent powder over lips to lock color in place. Finish with another coat of lipstick. Other tips: Skip lip balm, which makes lipstick slide off more easily, and steer clear of gooey glosses.

Wash Worry

What’s the deal with face wash? Is it like using the right moisturizer for your skin type?
A: Yes, it is. It’s also much like wearing the right clothing for the weather. If your skin
feels greasy during hot, scorching days, you and your skin will appreciate a good oil control cleanser. If your skin is parched from chilly air conditioning plus the dry January weather, you’ll need a nourishing cleanser. Take note of how your skin changes over the coming months. You’ll be able to achieve a more stable complexion when you listen to your skin’s needs. AM tip: Before lathering up, take a look at your skin. If it feels comfortable, save the cleanser for nighttime and move straight to your moisturizer.

Firming Fix-its
There seems to be a lot of skin firming products being sold lately. Do they really work?
Firming skincare products help enhance trouble spots, but don’t expect unrealistic claims such as “burns underlying fat cells” or “dissolves cellulite” to be true, since these products can’t penetrate the skin. Most firming products, however, contain hydrators and skin-energizing ingredients such as caffeine and green tea. They give skin a tightening sensation, creating a lifting and firming effect. A bust-firming product won’t super size your breasts, but it’ll boost their confidence by creating smoother texture, a cooling sensation, and a slightly firmer feel. As for thigh-firming potions, you’ll get the best results when paired with toning exercises and water to beat the bloat.

Couple Conundrum
My guy’s worried about his dark complexion. Is there anything for men that he can use on his skin to lighten it?
Before diagnosing a product for your guy, let him know that there’s nothing wrong with a sexy, mocha complexion. He can’t do anything to lighten his natural color, but he can definitely brighten it by using an SPF lotion during the day to prevent splotchy pigmentation, and he can moisturize at night with a cream that’ll give him healthier, more radiant skin.

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