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The One Product You Need To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Marks

It's the perfect at-home treatment for your skin!
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Various brands have now come out with serums, peels, and toners with brightening properties; because when you've finally conquered your acne, more often than not, you're left with unsightly marks and scars that take forever to fade. Though the hyperpigmentation will take a few weeks to months to lighten, it's the scars that are annoying AF. Since they've created a "dent" in your complexion, no amount of peeling and exfoliating will get them to "resurface"your only option would be through lasers or surgery.

But the technology and skin gods are good and have now come out with the derma-roller, a device that contains multiple tiny needles to "remold" the skin, evening them out and making them soft and supple again. Still confused? Don't worry. Below is everything you need to know about the art of derma-rolling!

The 'skin' of it all

Save Face reports that derma-rolling, also known as microneedling, is the practice of pricking the skin using a tool that contains hundreds of needles, ranging from 0.25mm to 2.55mm in length, to create thousands of microchannels (aka wounds) across your complexion. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt at all! This leads to your skin responding by producing more and newer collagen to repair them. When used in conjuction with a serum, it boosts ingredient absorption by up to 90 percent, according to Byrdie.

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How to choose the right one

Now that there is a way to get rid of acne scarring and marks without having to spend thousands of pesos at the derma, know this: Not all derma-rollers are created equally. To get the best one for your skin type and skin concerns, ask your dermatologist and be very open with her or him about what you want to improve in your skin. That's a lot better than going to a drugstore or department store and blindly buying one, if you ask us! The best way to get the right derma-roller is by consulting someone who knows their stuff. 

What products will work best with it?

Great news: You can use any serum, oil, and sheet mask you want right after derma-rolling to ensure that your skin will drink it all up! But according to Effortless Skin, serums that contain anti-oxidants are the best way to go. "Vitamins and anti-oxidants are the star players of the skin care world and they are never more effective than when used after skin needling. Reparative, nourishing, and strengthening, they help to transform the overall condition and appearance of any skin type."

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Do take note, though, that serums with active ingredients like retinols, AHAs, and BHAs are a huge no-no. Byrdie explans that "they can cause sensitivity to begin with, and using them in tandem with micro-needling is a recipe for irritation."

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