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Does Exercising Really Lead To Great Skin?

Only in certain cases, apparently.

Because exercising boosts your circulation, you usually end up with a fab, rosy glow after hitting the gym. But is it really good for your complexion?

“Exercise is always beneficial to your overall health, but there aren’t enough studies that show the direct benefit of exercise to having great skin,” says Dr. Patricia Pontejos, DPDS of Skin MD Ortigas. “Some diseases like rosacea can flare up with exercise; sun exposure without sunscreen will accelerate the skin’s aging process.”

 Although studies at the McMaster University in Ontario showed that exercise can reverse signs of aging, we can’t draw conclusions from that just yet. What working out can do, however, is relieve anxiety. "You tend to have better skin when you aren't stressed," explains Pontejos. This is especially true for people with skin conditions like acne, eczemas, and psoriasis.

Just make sure you wash your face, and shower post-workout or else the sweat and bacteria on your skin can cause more unwanted breakouts and skin issues.

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