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Summer Skincare Tips For Girls With Dry Skin

Don't forget to exfoliate!

In a country where the sun is always shining and the humidity levels are off the charts, it's almost unheard of to have dry skinwhat with all the heat and moisture, the possibility of having a cracking, flaky complexion sounds crazy, right?

But it's true: Some people still have dry complexions due to a number of factors. That's why if you have dry skin and are having a hard time keeping your face fresh, cool, and hydrated during this season, keep reading below for the best tips for dealing with it.

1. Use a hydrating sunscreen mist

Combining a hydrating face mist with the protective powers of a sunscreen? Genius. So whenever your skin is feeling dull and dehydrated, don't be afraid to go all out with your sunscreen mist. Not only will you be plumping up your skin, you'll be protecting it too.

2. Switch out your foaming cleanser

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Yes, we know how good a foaming cleanser or face wash feels during hot summer days. But it's these scented babies that are leaving you with a dry complexion. Our advice? Go gentle this season with unscented and hydrating face washes to avoid stripping your skin of its moisture.

3. Don't forget to exfoliate

Deep-cleaning and purifying masks are all the rage during summer, but if you have dry skin, an exfoliant is the better choice. Use it once or twice a week to properly get rid of all flaking skin and prevent breakouts from occurring. 

4. Find the right face moisturizer

Do you go for an ultra-thick and nourishing cream? Or opt for a thin gel-type moisturizer? It may seem confusing, but our answer is to use a combination of both: A fluffy, lightweight cream that's moisturizing enough to quench your skin's thirst, but won't make it feel heavy and clogged by the end of the day!

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5. Pack on a gel sleeping mask

When it comes to sleeping masks, it's a different story. Instead of using the thick sleeping masks you've been relying on during cooler weather, gel is the way to go. It won't skimp on the hydrating ingredients, so you can be sure that your complexion the next morning won't be a dehydrated mess.

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