How To Care For Your Skin Without Spending Too Much

Save your skin and your sweldo!
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There's a misconception that to have clear skin, one must spend thousands of pesos on products and derma treatments. While we won't deny that skincare is going to cost you a bit, there are ways to *cheat* the system. Below, clever ways you can save your complexion and your money.

  1. Focus on the basics.

    Cleanse, tone, moisturize—these are the basic skincare steps. You don't need an elaborate 10-step regimen. Know your skin type, and look for products that will fit your needs.

    This bar soap is great for those with oily skin because it exfoliates and draws out impurities. Plus, it fights acne and bacne!


    One Earth Organics DCR Complexion Soap for the Face and Body, P149, Beauty Bar 

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  2. Buy only what you need, and don't go for hyped products.

    It's so easy to be swayed by trends. Simply browsing Instagram can convince you to buy something you don't really need. Always stick to a product that will solve your skincare concerns.

  3. Be creative and masinop.

    If you really want to save money, you have to be nifty. Make use of the free samples you get, and use up the products you already possess. I know of someone who cuts a cleansing wipe in two because one sheet is too big for her face.

  4. Look for multipurpose products.

    Be label savvy and always get products that serve multiple purposes. This mask from Skin Potions aids in treating acne and fading acne scars and stretch marks. It also works as a priming moisturizer that can blur rough skin texture and large pores.

    Skin Potions Snowberry Sleeping Cream Mask, P465, Lazada

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  5. Learn to splurge a little.

    We did say that this article is all about affordable things you can try to score flawless skin, but we must emphasize that investing in a good monthly facial will benefit your complexion in the long run. An aesthetician can unplug all the gunk hiding beneath your pores that your cleanser can't reach. You'll have fewer skin problems, trust us.

    Skin Station Hydrafacial, P650 per session, SM Megamall

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