10 Empowering Tattoos To Remind You To Keep On Going

Wear your heart on your sleeve.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/_zoeellen, (RIGHT) Instagram/darong_tattooer

We sometimes read quotes to motivate us to reach our goals and to remind us that settling is never an option. So, if you're planning to finally get a tatt in the near future, why not get inked with words that will remind you to never stop trying until you make your dreams come true? Here are some of our fave ink-spo:

  1. To remind you that hardships mold you into a better person

  2. You should do YOU!

  3. You should always go forward, even if the situation seems difficult.

  4. You'll always survive and emerge a winner whatever sh*t may happen to you.

  5. Never forget to put yourself first.

  6. Or you can have your favorite Biblical verse written on your body.

  7. It's okay to fail because that's how you learn.

  8. You're a badass and you can take over the world.

  9. Always give you 100 percent!

  10. You only live once, so you have to seize every moment!

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