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17 Engagement Nail Designs And Ideas For Showing Off Your Ring

These are so pretty!
PHOTO: (left) instagram/thehangedit; (right) instagram/ringconcierge

Fun fact: I got engaged a month ago! Also fun fact: I cringed every single time someone asked to see my ring in those first few weeks because my nails looked like complete shit. But seriously, even if you think you don’t care about the whole mani thing (which, good for you, and I was also you at one point), I’m now on the other side, and I fully believe in getting a gorgeous mani while you’re newly engaged because your hands and hardware are going to be on display...a lot. Here, the 17 best engagement nails and designs to help you get started:

  1. These Crystal Engagement Nails

    Go all out and decorate your nails with tiny press-on crystals. They’re the perfect complement to any style or size engagement ring.

  2. These Black Engagement Nails

    Not into sheer or neutral polishes? These black nails with simple heart nail art are an unexpected and edgy alternative that won’t totally clash with your engagement ring.

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  3. These Red Engagement Nails

    I mean, you can’t go wrong pairing your engagement ring with a classic red manicure.

  4. These Oxblood Wedding Nails

    This oxblood nail polish is the perfect shade if you're not a traditional bride-to-be.

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  5. These Gold Engagement Nails

    This minimalist gold glitter nail art design will enhance—not overpower—your new engagement ring.

  6. These Reverse French Engagement Nails

    Instead of doing a traditional French manicure and painting your tips white, try reversing it and adding a white line above your cuticles instead.

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  7. These Gold-Tipped Engagement Nails

    These delicate, gold-tipped nails will look freaking perfect with a gold engagement ring.

  8. These Sheer Engagement Nails

    I’ve been painting my nails in a soft, sheer neutral polish just like this since I got engaged. It’s easy to DIY, and when it chips or gets nicked? You can barely even notice.

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  9. These Sheer, Sparkly Engagement Nails

    I’m obsessed with how this iridescent nail color catches the light to make your engagement ring—or any ring for that matter—sparkle like crazy.

  10. These White Engagement Nails

    Not only do I love this girl’s soft-white manicure, but I also love how her nail shape matches her ring. So damn pretty.

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  11. These Ombré Engagement Nails

    The gradient or ombré nail trend is still going strong people. Opt for muted neutral shades like this to pair with your engagement ring.

  12. These Heart Engagement Nails

    Really get in the spirit of love by painting a red heart on your ring finger. (You can leave your other nails bare or paint them in a neutral color if you’re not feeling the allover look.)

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  13. These Initialed Engagement Nails

    Umm, how cute is this monogrammed manicure?!? Use nail glue to stick your initial on one finger, and your boo’s on the other, and go live happily ever after.

  14. These Silver Striped Engagement Nails

    If you have a silver engagement ring and love the idea of simple nail art, def give this look a try. The thin silver stripe and white base are so, so gorgeous.

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  15. These Floral Engagement Nails

    These pretty floral nails are perfect if you’re getting engaged in the summer. Just paint your nails in two coats of pale pink polish and wait until they’re completely dry to pop on the floral stickers.

  16. These Pearl Engagement Nails

    Pearl nail accents are having a major moment right now—and happen to make for a one-of-a-kind engagement nail design, too. Paint your nails in a sheer neutral and then use nail glue to adhere some small pearls to the base of your nails.

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  17. These Light Pink Engagement Nails

    Put away your hot pinks and neons and opt instead for an engagement mani with sheer pink nail polish like this one.

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