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Are Face Mask Selfies Now A Thing?

Staying in = more time for skincare
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/bellahadid, (RIGHT) Instagram/kelseymerritt

Now that the majority of the world's population is staying at home due to the pandemic, we've noticed a trend on social media lately: Face mask selfies. Beauty spas and dermatological clinics are currently closed, which resulted in people favoring at-home skin treatments.

Putting on a face mask, whether it be homemade or commercially bought, can be a substitute for a professional facial. It exfoliates the face and nourishes the skin with glow-boosting ingredients. Using one also be a form of self-care. 

Check out the posts that caught our attention so far.

  1. Kelsey Merritt gave us a peek of her home spa, photobooth style.

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  2. Michelle Phan compared herself to a clown, LOL.

  3. Carbs and a face mask make a good me-time combination.

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  4. Check out Hollywood hairstylist Jen Atkin's "group chat-ready" look.

  5. This isn't your ordinary face mask selfie: Heart Defensor lets us in on her current skincare routine that improved her complexion.

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  6. Sheet mask, but make it fashion.

  7. Bella Hadid's face mask selfie sure is on fire.

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  8. All the elements of a good selfie: Natural light, a glass of champagne, and a smize.

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