Face-Washing Mistakes You're Probably Making

Bath soap on your face? NO.

Committing some of the most common face-washing mistakes can actually age your skin. Want to know if you’re making a number of cleansing missteps? Read up!

1. You're over-washing.
Lathering up too often will dry (a.k.a. age) your skin. Washing twice a day is enough: Once in the morning and once at night.

2. You're using bath soap on your face.
Body soaps, obviously, are formulated specifically for the body. But while their ingredients are suitable for the rest of your bod, they can be too harsh for your face (where skin is much thinner and more sensitive). There are a slew of gentle facial cleansers in the market, so there’s no excuse for using a bath soap to wash your face!

3. You're not exfoliating enough. Or, you're actually exfoliating way too much.
Top dermatologists say that exfoliation is an integral part of pore-cleansing, and here’s the reason behind that: The skin naturally renews itself every 30 days, but as you age, this period takes longer. Help your skin restore itself by exfoliating not more than twice a week.

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4. You don't wash your face before bedtime.
Sure, you know that you shouldn’t doze off without taking makeup off your face. But on nights when you’re just too tired, you can let this one slide, right? Well, wrong. This bad habit sabotages your skin because you’re allowing dirt, oil, and product residue to rest on your face for a full night—clogging your pores.

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