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Feeling Stressed Out Lately? Try These Face Yoga Techniques To Relieve Tension

They're super easy to do!
PHOTO: Youtube/Wishtrend TV

With the amount of news we've been receiving daily, it's no secret that some of us are feeling overwhelmed and stressed lately. These emotions cause our muscles to contract to show how we're *really* feeling. Repeated frowning can cause wrinkles and fine lines to form on our faces.

To help prevent the formation of premature wrinkles on our forehead and face, Wishtrend TV shared a couple of face yoga exercises that are easy to do and won't take up much time. Keep on scrolling to be guided:

A word of advice before beginning these face yoga exercises: Since these will require some gentle tugging and pulling of your skin, you may apply a facial oil or any lightweight skincare product beforehand so you have some slip to make your work easier.

  1. For neck wrinkles

    Apply a moisturizer on your neck and spread it upwards until you reach your jaw using slow strokes. After massaging the product, tilt your neck backward, purse your lips, and hold your collarbones down using two fingers. Hold this position for four breaths to stretch out your neck. Do this massage for two minutes.

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  2. For sunken eyes

    Apply a lightweight serum or eye cream around the eyes using your ring finger. Then, place your fingers under each eye, directing towards the nose, slightly opening your mouth, and curving your lips inward to cover your teeth. While maintaining these positions, tilt your head backward and flutter your eyelids for 30 seconds.

  3. For forehead lines

    Place both hands on your forehead facing inward and spread all four fingers down from your hairline towards the tails of your eyebrows. Repeat this step 10 times and keep in mind to use gentle pressure only.

  4. For smile lines

    Make an "O" shape with your lips and firmly press the tip of your tongue to the side of your mouth where your smile lines are. Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds, then repeat it on the other side. Do this for a total of one to two minutes.

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    Then, wrap your lips around your teeth and pull both top and bottom sides apart using your two index fingers. Holding this position, gently move your fingers up and down and repeat 10 times.

  5. For frown lines

    Use your index, middle, and ring finger to gently lift your eyebrows while slowly trying to close your eyes. Repeat this step eight times. Work with the same set of fingers to gently stroke your forehead to stimulate blood flow.

Watch the full tutorial here:

Beauty Gurus Swear by Face Yoga To Make You Look Five Years Younger

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