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No Joke, These Cleansing Brushes Will Change The Way You Wash Your Face


Cleansing is the most important part of our skincare routines, but we always take it for granted or rush through it. ICYDK, you should at least massage the product on your face for a few minutes for the facial cleanser's active ingredients to do their jobs (@ Kylie Jenner).

Also, there are moments when your hands aren't the best tool to use when trying to remove dirt, oil, bacteria, and dead skin from your pores. Enter: cleansing devices! These tools are made with fine brush hairs or silicone to thoroughly rid your complexion of pollutants and gunk. And it deserves a spot in your skincare cabinet.

Scroll below for the seven cleansing devices that will change your cleansing game forever:

  1. Foreo Luna Go for Combination Skin

    This handy, cotton pad-sized cleansing device may be pricey, but it's worth it. Its T-Sonic pulsations effectively remove 99.5 percent of dirt and dead skin to prep your complexion for your toners, serums, and moisturizers.


  2. Human Nature Pore Cleansing Brush

    Human Nature's cleansing brush is dense yet incredibly soft and gentle on the skin. The featherweight bristles effectively remove oil and makeup without irritating your complexion.

  3. Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device

    Panasonic's three-in-one cleansing device can lather up a cleanser like no other to help rid your skin of accumulated gunk. Bonus: It also comes with a makeup remover plate on the other side, which warms up your cleansing oil or balm, to easily melt foundation, concealer, and more.

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    Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device, Price available upon request, The SM Store

  4. Earth Therapeutics Soft Touch Complexion Brush

    Earth Therapeutics' cleansing brush comes with a cap to protect the device from dust and dirt. It has extra soft bristles to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, clean, and healthy (not tight and red).

  5. Happy Skin Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device

    Happy Skin's silicone cleansing tool pulses 6,000 micro-vibrations per minute to help unclog pores. This is designed to clean and massage your complexion without being too abrasive. It has three different types of bristles so it can reach every nook and cranny of your face. Genius, right?


  6. Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System

    When your skin needs a *deep* clean, try the Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System. The brush cleanses four times better than the hands. Plus, it provides gentle exfoliation to help moisturizers penetrate the skin better. It's also water-resistant so you can use it while in the shower.

  7. Cala Sonic Facial Cleansing System

    With the Cala Sonic Facial Cleansing System having three different brush heads, you can customize the type of cleansing you need daily. It's perfect to take with you when traveling because all your skincare tools will just be in one container.

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